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There is a controversy today of what the nation of Israel is doing in the world, with Redemptions Plan, and what Yahusha is doing through Yisharal with Redemptions Plan. Israel being a man made political religious nation, wanting to dominate this world, and Yisharal, Yahusha's bride, who is spreading the Good News of redemption, to those who will agree. So we have 2 major factions competing for a true redemption, using The Feasts of Israel to dominate the minds and hearts of men.

((((((((((((((((((((((((( "THE FEASTS OF ISRAEL" ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The Feasts of Israel/Yisharal should be viewed through the eyes of revelation, one being in the shadow form, the other is the fulfilment form. When we view the shadow form of a man we follow it to the feet of the projected image, we look up to see the fulfilled image of the man Yahusha Messiah. Most prophecies in the old testament predicted Messiah's appearance as our redeemer. Every thing in The Feasts of Israel came to us in shadow form, but Messiah wants us to see past the shadow form, and who the fulfilment of our redemption is.

((((((((((((((((((((((((( "THE FEASTS OF ISRAEL" ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

It is so important that we understand the function of the feasts and how we should celebrate them. Yahusha took His disciples to the upper room and showed them how to celebrate the feast of Passover with food, wine, and plenty of love for each other. To make the feasts simple and easy to understand, there are 3 major feasts to celebrate this way, they are called in english PASSOVER, PENTECOST, AND TABERNACLES.

PASSOVER: Has 2 major parts to feast. Passover and First Fruits.

PENTECOST: Is a single feast.

TABERNACLES: Has 4 feast to celebrate the way Yahusha showed us, they are: Trumpets, Atonement, the beginning and the end of Booths.

All in all there are seven feast days per year to fulfil, with food wine and plenty of loving for each other. Once you understand the shadow forms of worship have moved on to the fulfilment of our redemption, Messiah.

Since Messiah came and actually fulfilled the Passover and Pentecost feasts, we are able to celebrate the last 4 feasts in joy realising that they will all happen in one day, The Day of Yahuah.

Mark Davidson has layed out a wonderful chart, which is easy to understand showing the difference between the shadow worship and how to truely celebrate the feasts in fulfilment.

The Jewish religion even today, are still celebrating the Feasts of Israel and worship in the old shadow form of their traditions, not realising the fulfilment of Messiah who rebuked their traditions as an insult to redemption. He informed the people that there would be no more animal sacrifices, and that our bodies would become the temple of housing for His presence. The Jews today want to rebuild the temple according to Solomons recorded measurements in scripture. They want to sacrifice the red heifer hoping the presence of G/D (which they call Him), will return to the temple. Yahuah has declared He will never be housed in a structure built by men again.

The Jews want to dominate world politics and religion declaring they are the chosen people, stating when the temple is built in Jerusalem the presence of G/D will be seen by the world. A supernatural experience that under their priesthood G/D will bring peace to mankind.


Yes our redemption is through the true understanding of the fulfilment of The Feasts of Israel, not in shadowy form of the dominating traditions of men (which is bondage), but in the complete festive fulfilment and understanding of the love and sacrifice of Yahusha Himself. When you feel you are willing to understand the true meaning of Yahusha's words when He said "Come out of her my people" you can celebrate the feasts in the loving kindness of Yahusha's presence.