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TRUE BELIEVERS:- need to understand the difference between both covenants. The Old Covenant was given to Yahuah's first wife, who's name was Yisharal. The New Covenant was given to Yahusha's New wife, who is also called Yisharal.

The Old Covenant was flawed/imperfect, and could not bring Yahuah's wife Yisharal to full redemption/deliverance, through animal sacrifices and Ceremonial Laws. Yahuah's wife Yisharal, mixed the worship of other nations with Turah, creating great confusion. She then split the nation in 2 and had 2 temples, then they started waring against each other. Prophets were sent to her, telling her to return to single pure worship of Yahuah, but she refused.

Ezekiel the prophet describes the Shekinah/Presence of Yahuah leaving the temple, read Ezekiel 10 because it is a marvellous thing, this happened 550- 592 BCE. Not only this but Yahuah divorced His first wife (the Jews/Yisharal). Yahuah cancelled the Ceremonial and the Sacrificial Laws and sent Yisharal to Babylon in exile. After her exile, some returned to Jerusalem to re-establish true worship, but eventually failed, and because of idolatry mixed with Turah, there was a period of 400 years with no Shekinah in the Temple. Then Messiah appeared and laid out The New Covenant.

It is a NEW Covenant because there are New Instructions, "Repent, be Immersed and receive My Spirit" - It is not a "RENEWED COVENANT." The Ten Commandments are eternal so they have not been done away with (as Christians believe). Yahusha said that our bodies are now the temple and this is where He will dwell with His Shekinah from now on, and it is in the hearts of His New Wife. Never again will His Shekinah be found in temples that men build. Yahusha abolished both Sacrificial and Ceremonial Laws because while He was here, He fulfilled them all except the Feast of Tabernacles, which points to when He will return in Judgement. So we live Turah as we wait for that glorious day.

We are approaching the Feast of Tabernacles, and must understand how to celebrate, bringing pleasure to Yahusha. What an insult it would be to Yahusha, to want to (as the Jews do) sacrifice animal-blood instead of accepting Yahusha's sacrifice for our sins. This is why the Sacrificial Laws were abolished, no confusion there. Which leads us to the Ceremonial Laws, every Ceremonial Law points to the Tabernacle which is a shadow of what is in Heaven. The Ceremonial Traditions are what we call shadow-worship where every ceremonial tradition points to the fulfilment of those shadows, which is Yahusha Messiah Himself. All ceremonies point to Yahusha, every outfit, head gear, Tsits, and every behaviour in the Tabernacle points to Yahusha Messiah who came to us in person with a New Covenant.

The question is, should we be doing The Ceremonial Traditions in our Feast worship, or should we understand that the shadows point to Yahusha and it is Him we worship ?

There is something wicked going on amongst believers - a confusion! There are men who have set themselves up as teachers, which teach that Shadow-Worship is essential for your redemption/deliverance. They are bringing in the Shadow Traditions, making them above worshiping Yahusha alone, strictly because of the revenue they receive, in acknowledging the Jews (Old Yisharal, not in the New Covenant). They will not teach the New Covenant with better promises.

Do you know that there are actually believers told to go to hospitals and blow the shofar. They are told that the shofars frequency will heal people, and they are believing it, even when the police tell them to move on, they go to another hospital and repeat the situation. Don't be caught up in this carpet-baggery but worship Yahusha alone without this Jewish carpet-baggery and the bondage of their Old Covenant traditions, that never brought deliverance. Yahusha Messiah is the only deliverance He is the only fulfilment of Turah, celebrate your feast with good wine and food and lots of loving, not trapped in traditions.


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Jun 24, 2023

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