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Yahusha said we have to follow Him! ... RIGHT?

When Yahusha was Yahuah! ... RIGHT?

He was always there, present, as we can see through the Aleph Tau! ... RIGHT? ... Yahusha that is!! ... RIGHT?

Moses was spoken to, through the fire, that didn’t burn the bush, RIGHT ? Then on the Mount he was allowed to see the back of Yahuah's head. Moses’ face was aglow, he was given the 10 Words and the plans to build the Tabernacle, with its Feasts, whilst on the mount with the ALEPH-TAU. At the completion and dedication of the Tabernacle, fire again came down from Heaven - the fire that didn’t burn them, and the ALEPH-TAU was present with them for 40 years. The same happened at Solomon’s Temple with the fire. It was taken into the Temple never to be put out, RIGHT ... ? Then the Aleph-Tau left Israel and divorced Yisharal. No more presence. No more fire. THE NEXT APPEARANCE OF THIS FIRE WAS NOT UNTIL THE BOOK OF ACTS!! This fire, with its entry into the upper room, suddenly split into singular sections, and was put on the heads of each of the Apostles, who stayed on fire all through their journey ... RIGHT ?

Back to the point now : YAHUSHA SAID, FOLLOW ME!! This means we are going on a journey, following Him wherever He leads us, (our journey into the supernatural realm). As we read the account of Yahusha and follow His journey, we are entering THE COCOON STAGE of His (and our own) METAMORPHOSIS.

When Yahuah morphed into Yahusha, He became the first fruits of the New Creation, a completely New Creature / Being, WITH A NEW NAME, which He announced to Mary at her conception. THAT NAME IS YAHUSHA ... RIGHT?

Now! this stuff can only be understood by the spirit, if you find yourself fighting against this revelation, obviously, it is not the spirit of Yahusha you are listening to!

Our journey leads us to Yahusha the Messiah, FULFILLING EVERY PROPHECY PREDICTED OF HIM BY THE PROPHETS! Not only that, but He fulfilled and revealed every shadow-teaching of the Tabernacle (our body) and the Feasts. The ALEPH-TAU gave us clarity as to the meanings of every Priestly Function and Duty, to bring us into the knowledge of His plans for our journey.

We watched Yahusha, the ALEPH-TAU journeying through 3.5 years of miraculous and astonishing ministry, which totally shocked and changed the world. Who else could do all this, if it wasn’t Yahuah morphing into Yahusha, the new and living being, the first of the new creation, the very presence of the ALEPH-TAU? Yes! we watched Him as HE COCOONED THROUGH THE FEASTS giving us the path to follow.

We saw Him fulfil the second-part of the Passover Feast (the Red Sea incident) as He entered the waters of immersion, and the dove spirit descended upon Him, He showed us the beginning of our metamorphosis, ENTERING OUR COCOON following the ALEPH-TAU into the waters of washing and cleansing, by His blood. THE PLANTED SEED IS COCOONED INSIDE OUR BODY where it can be watered and nourished by His Words, to grow and bear fruit (correct behaviour), which leads us to perfection/maturity. People cannot see this COCOONED PROCESS happening, it is A HIDDEN SECRET like a cocooned caterpillar. Except! we know we are being changed by His supernatural presence within, into the new creature/being, that will emerge from its cocoon when the ALEPH-TAU appears. We will be changed into the NEW CREATION as is said, in the twinkling of an eye, we shall fly off to meet Him in the air.

The fulfilment of the Feast of Pentecost comes as it did with the ALEPH-TAU when the spirit of Yahusha descends upon us and starts the morphing and cocooning process of death to the self, and THE EMERGING OF THE SONS OF YAHUSHA! Fire again, within, burning up sin behaviour - NO FIRE! NO DELIVERANCE! Many refuse this process of change and disqualify themselves, from fulfilling the Feast of Pentecost, on their journey. Leaving them camped around Pentecost and not completing the journey the ALEPH-TAU has layed out before them. The same thing happens with those who refuse Yahusha at the feast of Passover, THEY REFUSE THAT YAHUAH MORPHED INTO YAHUSHA AND IS NOW ALAHIM.

They only accept Yahuah as Alahim with the Old Covenant and its 10 Words, rejecting Yahusha as ALEPH-TAU and Alahim. They only accept Yahuah on the throne with the lamb at His right hand. When the ALEPH-TAU has revealed Himself in many Scriptures, as ONE ALAHIM - YAHUSHA HIMSELF. These, disqualify themselves, for the rest of the journey of metamorphosis and deliverance through the Feasts. On His return Yahusha will find these religions folk camped around Passover and incomplete.


Moving on into the feast of Tabernacles as we follow Yahusha, it brings us to the prophecy book of Revelation. Again WE NEED THE SPIRIT OF YAHUSHA to give us understanding here. The book of Revelation is a series of visions that is in and out of order, and sometimes combining different sections. Mainly it should be reviewed through the abstract and associated contexts. Which if you don’t have the Spirit of the ALEPH-TAU it is impossible to decipher. See the necessity of believing Yahuah morphed into Yahusha our Alahim (Passover). IF YOU REFUSE THIS BELIEF, HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU HAVE HIS SPIRIT AT IMMERSION (PENTECOST)? Without acknowledging this revelation and accepting it, you will only receive a false spirit of Darnel (no fruit). This makes it impossible for you to follow Yahusha and journey on to the last great celebratory feast of Tabernacles.

Tabernacles needs the knowledge of what the Aleph Tau (the Lamb) did, when He entered Heaven. His appearance looked as a slayed Lamb (we certainly know this is Yahusha). The Lamb was the only one found worthy in the universe, to open the scrolls, no one (not even Yahuah) could do this, BUT ONLY THE LAMB. So Yahusha started the ball running by opening all the scrolls. Setting forth the beginning of His judgements, a marvellous read. As we review global phenomenon today, we see catastrophic events prophecied, happening in our faces, growing worse.

This is a very exciting time and most celebratory for believers, watching the Lambs works manifesting in the physical earth. Prophecy in truth of what we have believed without seeing it, now it is before our eyes in reality. Now! Today! We rejoice watching Tabernacles manifest out of the supernatural into our earthly reality. Certainly Yahusha our ONE ALAHIM won’t be long in coming.

REVELATION 22:20-21 "He that bears witness of these things says, 'Yes, I am coming speedily.' Amn. Yes, come, Master Yahusha Messiah be with the Set-Apart ones (the believers) Amn".

These last 2 Verses in Revelation reveal to us that our ALEPH-TAU Yahusha the Messiah, our great and only Alahim, is the only one coming, alone, with His army, to redeem and deliver us from this mortal life. We will finally receive in the twinkling of an eye, as promised, our new being of immortality. Halleluyah let’s start the rejoicing!

If the Spirit has revealed this to you as truth, then you have received gems, if not then YOU HAVE DROPPED YOUR STAKE and camped at one of the feasts. Therefore you cannot follow Yahusha, and complete your journey through the feasts to maturity, this means you will not finish the process of metamorphosis, you won’t fly off to meet Him on His return.

At any rate this teaching is now in the air waves, Brothers and Sisters so don’t let anyone steal your seed or stand in your open doorway to His presence. Enter boldly into the throne room and declare your love for Yahusha our ONE AND ONLY ALAHIM.