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Face The Truth - Check the Spirit.

The Scripture says that we should “check the spirit” of all those people around us, that we have dealings with. This is our mandate as we move through this world, looking for those the Master has chosen.

It is essential that we discern the spirit of the one we are communicating with. This is not a judgement just an observance, so that we have a better understanding and knowledge of who we are dealing with.

It is up to everyone of us to.... [ make up our mind ].......About those in our immediate family and friends who have not been Ruach-filled “yet”. We say ”yet,” becauseanything is possible.

Remembering how you were called? You personally responded...... and if that word has not come to family and friends “yet,” it is not up to us to convert them. This is a mindset of those in the mixture & is perverse & a usurping of position, maybe your behaviour is a better witness.

Yes ! It is a difficult choice to face the truth about the spirit that is indwelling in your family and friends. If you face the truth about that will not be hurt any more, but be set free to love them with the power of the Ruach.

From this place of realisation you will have the ability of spiritual eyes, to discern the spirits where ever you may go. This is one of the gifts Messiah will give you if you are obedient to His instructions.

Looking at the spirit of the world, the spirit of the great whore and the wickedness, cruelty and abominable behaviour from her and her hoard, ever flowing, unrepentant from her jealous behaviour. It is absolutely so much wiser for us to discern the spirits we deal with, rather than being caught up in her drunken behaviour, this is not judging but wisdom for our own sanity.

Brothers and Sisters be wise to your own clarity and be not afraid to discern as our Master tells us to do, for our own safety.