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Who Controls Sickness?

I bet you thought ha shatan was in control of all sickness - think again!! Read the whole of Dabarim and you will see that Yahusha judges all unrighteous disobedience to turah. Yahusha will put curses on you if you enter covenant and become disobedient, by turning away. Yahusha allows haShatan to distribute sickness on all who disobey His Turah, after they have the truth and turn away and He will delight in it. So all you believers out there think out your situation as to how Yahusha is feeling about your behaviour !!!!!!

"dementia "...... Is described in the dictionary as a state of serious mental deterioration or organic or functional origin

(c19 from l see madness, see dement). "dement"......... 1. (int.) to deteriorate mentally, esp. Because of old age. 2. (tr.) rare,to drive mad,make insane.

Scripture tells us if we go against Turah curses will come upon us and our descendants including madness and all sorts of diseases.

How many of my generation "the baby boomers" and the ones before us have and are suffering with this dreadful plague and more,because of our disobedience to Turah.

Our children and their children are subject to worse curses from Yahusha because we didn't pass the truth on about how wonderful Yahusha is.

One thing is for sure is - it is never too late for us if we hear about the wonderful Saviour. If we repent and take up the Covenant we can be delivered from all the curses of our disobedience. Remember our children are heading for annihilation in Satan's hands if we don't tell them about Yahusha . . .

Being in covenant gives us understanding of how the Hebrews were delivered from Mitsrayim and all it stood for. Today our deliverance is from the wine of the great whore (false teachings) that had us deceived and in a drunken state.

The Hebrews were given the land of Yisharal, a land of milk & honey. They were promised blessings of abundance in every area of their lives if they would live in covenant relationship with Yahuah. Today we only have individuals living in pockets all over the world doing Covenant Relationship.

Covenant is Covenant then, just as it is today - the blessings and curses still stand for those doing Covenant today. Yisharal had a whole nation living the Covenant they received incredible blessings from Yahuah because of their obedience.

This is an example for us today, so that we can trust Yahuah and stand as little islands amongst our peers, as a witness of Yahuah's love and blessings towards His obedient ones. Yahuah has promised to protect, heal and bless all those obedient to his covenant today.

Obedience is a Behaviour and it is up to every Believer in Covenant to look at their relationship with Yahusha to see where they are standing in relation to the blessings and curses. If doors are not opening for you then it is time to do some personal evaluations of your own behaviour.

Yahuah promised to bless us in everything we do - if that is not happening then something is amiss and we need to find out what we have done to stop the flow between Yahusha & ourselves . . .