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Deliverance in One Name: YAHUSHA.

There are many curses and blessings that come with the living covenant, still alive and living today. Just as Yisharal [the bride] in those days was subject to obedience, so too are those in Covenant Relationship today. They are considered as Yisharal [His bride].

Yahuah called out Mushah a Hebrew (one of their own nation), to bring his people out of captivity from Mitsrayim. Yahusha was also called out of his own people to renew the Covenant of love. Yahusha warned us that others would come after him to oppress us and hide His Name.

Today one of our very own, a Natsarim brother, has rediscovered the True Names Yahuah and Yahusha. We are called the Yahudim. Yahusha has spoken to our brother and led him through the mixtures of madness that are trying to hide the Esteemed Names. Now they have been transliterated and translated back into the bynv scriptures for us to rejoice over.

These rediscovered names have been restored to us from Yahusha personally. Our brother has been called and has completed this amazing work. It is Yahusha's will for His Bride (all those in Covenant relationship) that we know and speak His Esteemed Names.

Brothers and Sisters is it important that we start to accept these rediscovered names Yahuah and Yahusha? Does it have anything to do with our salvation if we are disobedient to this command?

In the light of this Scripture where do we stand? Dabarim 28:45. "and all these curses shall come upon you and they shall persue and overtake you, until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of Yahuah your Alahim to guard His Commands and His laws which He commanded you."

Is this the voice of your Alahim telling you that he wants us to discover the power in the Esteemed names ?

There is a massive debate going on globally about the correct pronunciation of the name of our alahim Yahuah.

Hear what the Scripture says in the blessings and curses from Debarim 28:58 "if you do not guard to do all the words of this Turah that are written in this book, to fear this esteemed and awesome name, Yahuah your Alahim, then Yahuah shall bring upon you and all your descendants extraordinary plagues and grievous and lasting sicknesses."

This Scripture comes from the most advanced study of the name globally. So brothers if we do not call Yahuah by his right name are we in trouble.

"qodesh" means Set-Apart in english.

"holy" comes from india and is associated with the trinity cults and sun deity worship, Scripture says "don't let the names of other deity's come off your lips" and that's what "holy" means - it is not a good word to use. Yiddish is modern babylonian, the mixture of traditions, rabbis teachings from the talmud and a changed language both written and spoken.

The closest Scripture, translated and transliterated to the paleo is the bynv (great stuff). To pronounce the name [yhuh] is "yahuah" (yah-hoo-ah) and spelt this way," yod hay uau hay".

The blessings and the curses still stand for those in Covenant today. Satan wants all of us cursed, for disobedience to the Commands. One of the Commands for getting cursed, is to call the Father by names other than "Yahuah". Satan has been trying to hide Yahuah's Name for centuries.

Yahuha has called this man, the first in the last century to unravel the mixture in the "Bible" and the talmud, which has been completed for us in the "BYNV Scripture," halleluyah!

Yahusha has given us back His Name. The Name of the Father Yahuah is the Key of Knowledge, the name of Yahusha is the Door. We have both the door and the key, to go in and sup with the Master. Living a Natsarim life is not retaining Scripture and throwing them at others, this is not the knowledge Yahusha is talking about. The Natsarim life is all about falling in love and being so much in awe of our lover, that we trust Him with our lives. Yahusha's love will override any decision that the worldly spirit would attract us to do and we would rather deny ourselves and accomplish what yahusha has for us. We really can't help it the world and all it's beauty can't possibly offer us anything near what our beautiful creator and Saviour Yahusha ha'Mashiak does. I mean just think of eternal life for a start. Ha ha ha. And people want to argue about how to pronounce His Name - the work has already been done, the book is all over the world. This is how Yahusha works.

There are Natsarim everywhere in their little room arguing with others about His Name and the work has already been done and is all over the world.

People are being delivered and Immersed crying unto His Qodesh Name, as they are delivered and healed, falling in love with Yahusha. People all over the world are crying out in overwhelming joy as they receive the set-apart spirit infilling. What love, what happiness, what joy, what miracles, are these faithful receiving who are so thankful and in love with their deliverer.

People are unaware of the tremendous works Yahusha is doing, they still have not come to the place where they are willing enough to go to the place to consider His Real Name, ha ha ha !! The work has been done - Yahusha called out His man to unravel the lies from the truth 30 years ago. Yahuah has spread His name globally, he has completed amazing miracles and wonders through His Name and Natsarim are still sitting in their rooms on the fence obliviously, arguing about words and language, I wonder if they will still be there when He returns.

I am waiting and waiting; I run through my facebook newsfeed every morning and night and wonder why everyone is still so slow to get to the end of all research and knowledge on the Names: Yahuah & Yahusha (which is the final research). I don't think there has been any more extension since yahusha & yahuah. It is fascinating how people have discovered their parts of research and the one who has gone the furthest is really ridiculed. We are all in this together and instead most are arguing about the Names and missing the final points.

It really does not take long to read everyone’s research and see where they have made their stance and understand why. It is important that we understand all the data and consider what the Ruach has given the Brothers and Sisters, rather than argue and form a religion around our own understandings, then declare there is no more knowledge available. It is time we all came to a decision about who got it right and get a bit more unity about ourselves. The knowledge of our belief is extremely important and how we behave that knowledge is even more important, because when love comes, all the rest fades in its esteem.

Brothers & Sisters let's get this together and move on from arguing about knowledge and bring what is perfect to the fore, which is the love. It is so sad that others refuse, but if you want an eternal existence with the bridegroom we need to move on. Be strong and make up your own mind and let Yahusha lead. You can trust him.

When you can see this world for what it is, don't come to the place of loneliness or hurt, but look towards what your heart instinctively tells you and believe that there is someone who did all this (above). You can meet him and be delivered from all I said, all the things that encumber your mind and heart.

Scripture says there is deliverance in only one name which is "yahusha" Acts 4:10-12. If we want deliverance from our woes we need to read Turah and live it in order to take us into this clear realm and enjoy life once more. The heart of man is desperately wicked and evil above all things.

This unclean thing is living in all of us and those who want deliverance will find it through the name of Yahusha Messiah...