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Feast Of Trumpets.

Yahusha is bypassing the older generations and handing the baton of His Living Word onto the younger generations. Previous generations have fizzled out (not all of them), their love has grown cold and the behaviour, well just take a good look how they behave!!! Have you faced yet that EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE IS TEMPORAL and will burn up when the fire comes. It's all here for us to enjoy while we're here but Yahusha is scouring the earth for His Bride: those who will endure each TEST and put Him above everything else in each situation handed to them. Yahusha is actually throwing circumstances at His Bride while she's on this earth, to perfect her and to see if she will stay true to Him above and beyond anything the world can offer her. THIS IS THE TRUE TEST - - - - - OUR BEHAVIOUR - - - - - will it be like a Bride or a whore??? This life is just a test - THE REAL LIFE HAPPENS AFTER YAHUSHA RETURNS!!!

I'm so excited about the Feast of Trumpets because every year there is a possibility that THIS WILL BE THE DAY OF YAHUAH - a day when the sun will go dark, the moon blood red and reapers will purge the earth of a wicked mankind. The Weeds are removed first remember and thrown into the fire before the WHEAT is gathered together to meet the Master. The Sun will re-ignite, scorching the earth and it's inhabitants. It will be the end of all flesh and the only way to escape it will be TRANSFORMATION in the twinkling of an eye, from mortality to sparkling immortality; a body just like Yahusha's resurrected body that could fly and walk through walls. This is what is in store for His Bride, who overcomes all the snares of the unclean in their day, knowing that they are preparing themselves for the REAL LIFE to come in an eternal new heaven and earth and a New Yerushalayim.

The Feast of Trumpets is called THE DAY OF THE SHOUT because all humanity will be in a state of panic, a massive air-raid siren or horn will blast forth across the planet causing many hearts to stop from sheer terror but to THE BRIDE it will be the happiest day of our lives - a day every one of Yahusha's people craves and yearns for - THE END of or this wretched existence and the beginning of the Wedding Feast and 1000 year REST; relief from Shatan and his unclean spirits and their pestering and torments. THE END OF THE DELIVERANCE PATH WHERE THE BRIDE WILL MEET HER GROOM IN THE SKY AND WATCH THE TRANSFORMATION OF ALL THINGS - CULMINATING IN A MAGNIFICENT MARRIAGE FEAST . . . This is the day when all the DEAD-IN-MESSIAH from all of time are raised from the grave - imagine this sight - SET-APART ZOMBIES.

Why won't the older folk and the teachers tell the younger what's in store for this planet and for them and their children if they don't repent and turn back the Marriage Covenant & Betrothal. Why aren't the Ten Commandments at the core of every teaching manual and textbook?? The baton of Yahusha's Word has been passed onto us brothers & sisters, SOMETHING VERY UNIQUE AND SPECIAL AND FRESH AND NEW IS STARTING TO SWELL AND MANIFEST IN THE UNDER 50s; YAHUSHA IS REVEALING TO THEM THE ESSENCE OF HIS CALLING AND THE TRUE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE WEDDING FEAST AND IT IS A BEHAVIOUR - THAT IS OUR WEDDING GARMENT, OUR FRUIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS - OUR TEST . . . Will we be ready, listening, waiting to serve Yahusha when His Ruach moves in a situation? Or will we be living a predictable, religious, rigid existence void of His TRUE LOVE which is an INTENSE FEELING and not just words or a commitment - WHY WON'T THEY TELL THIS TO THE BROKEN YOUNGER GENERATIONS ??? There is hope, there is true deliverance, there is life-changing, everlasting love available to them if they will be exposed to the presence of Yahusha's LOVE.

The Feast of Trumpets is upon us again for another year and let's all get our BEHAVIOUR together because this Sunday Night you may just feel the planet shake and the population screaming in sheer terror. If you still believe in the Christian Rapture, you are in for a shock - pray you get LEFT BEHIND . . .

It's time we start throwing off everything that weighs us down and start enjoying our life, understanding that this is just the testing ground, the dress-rehearsal - STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY - YOU'LL GIVE YOURSELF AN ULSER!!! Yahusha does everything so tap into that stream and experience something truly unique and phenomenal.

Have a great Feast day this weekend . . . Lots and lots of Love . . .