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3 Rules - 3 Words - 3 Stages Of Truth.

We have the 3 rules. We have the 3 words. We also have the 3 stages of truth & belief. The 3 stages of truth and belief are what people go through once they hear the truths of corrected transliterations giving us a much purer english translation to work with in the BYNV.

The 3 stages of truth are : 1. It's considered ridiculous. 2. It's violently opposed. 3.It's then accepted as self evident.

Brothers and Sisters when you share Yahusha, the 3 stages is what a person has to go through, so give them time and just wait on Yahusha. Remember it is the Word that is alive and living that cuts through the heart and into the marrow of the bone. That Living Word given in the love of the Ruach, will not come back void.

We all must give time for His power to penetrate and each time you see the one you have shared with, just love them and try to answer their questions with patience.

In the madness and hectic pace of this world, it is wonderful to see someone who is steady and at peace. Be assured this is a much better witness of the loving kindness of Yahusha.

The very best way to witness to a person is in and through our behaviour. If we let the fruit of righteousness show forth through our personality. This is a much more powerful experience for the recipient than us trying to manifest our personality and self words.

Behaving the fruits is letting the Ruach haKodesh take control over our being, then Yahusha Himself manifests and introduces Himself to a recipient through our heart willingness. This is what we are called to understand and live with, in His peace that passes all understanding - where the Master uses our vessel for His will and where we also share in the blessing.

The fruits of righteousness are not easy to come by as in Heb 12:5-11. We have to be trained in them, which is called Bridal Behaviour. The behaviour of the fruits, done in loving kindness is a power that is a blessing to all feeling and receiving this experience.

Of course it would be absurd to give these pearls to swine and as a believer it is easy to see swine behaviour - they will be against your words. All we have to do is listen to Yahusha and He will have victory no matter how a situation looks.