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Arresting Thoughts.

Do you believe that the thoughts you hear in your head are yours? Or do they come from somewhere ( SOMEONE ) else?

Thoughts can either be positive or negative and our lives are greatly shaped by the type of thoughts we listen to.

Our head is like a giant antenna picking up millions of thoughts everyday from the moment we flicker our eyes open of a morning. The thoughts we choose to believe, we put into our heart and then our body acts them out or our mouths speak them - or maybe we just show an attitude or mood based on that thought.

The unclean spirits are very cunning and know that if they spoke to us in the first person i.e. “you’re a hideous ugly person” we would wonder who it is that was speaking to us (imagine standing in front of a mirror and hearing someone say that to you). They love to stay secret and have no body know they exist and so they speak to us in the third person i.e. “I’m a hideous ugly person”. And people think the thoughts are theirs because they heard them IN THEIR HEAD.

These spirits are entering your vessel and declaring that they are you - how dare they !!! They are not you - they are wicked evil dirty downright stinking bloody liars and they want to ruin your day every day. They are jealous because they were created without a body and the only way they can be heard is to speak and act through people.

They are ancient, thousand of years old and they know what upsets you, what pushes your buttons, what makes you sad and they’ve been watching you your whole life, so they can remind you of every foul thing you’ve done. They love to cause drama and fill our hearts with bitterness and lies. They hate marriage and seek to split up every couple by filling both people’s heads with lies about the other and then standing back watching the showdown. Then they laugh at our stupidity because we think it is our husband or wife that is being so cruel and hateful when it is THEM.

Next time you feel upset or depressed track your thoughts and it will be a ROGUE thought that YOU CHOSE to believe and put in your heart that started it all. If I decide I just don’t like someone then the next time I see them they will be able to feel it even without me saying anything because YOU CAN SEE AN ATTITUDE and you can FEEL A MOODY from someone . . . it’s so important what thoughts you let into your body!!!

All you have to say is NO and they flee. You don’t have to do what they say. You are you and you have a choice. They want to make our lives utterly miserable and kill us. That is why there is now so much suicide. People think it is their own thoughts and temptations when they are being PESTERED by these wicked fallen entities.

That is the negative . . . .

Where do the positive thoughts come from? Our Creator Yahusha of course. You can hear His voice too. He says that His thoughts towards us are always uplifting and true to give us hope, a future, rest and peace. He also says that the thoughts He sends our way are more than the grains of the sand on the seashore. Thats a lot of thoughts isn’t it. But He isn’t dominating and loud, He is a gentleman and He whispers softly these sweet thoughts. The unclean are loud and they scream and taunt us. We need to be listening to the uplifting, positive thoughts of our Creator Who loves us so much and wants us to feel His amazing incredible love. If you tap into His love and thoughts you start to feel a bit tipsy and happy because He says that His love is better than wine. That’s why the unclean have so many counterfeit substances in the world to get the young people addicted to their `highs’ - the fake love and the fake feeling which makes you wanna kill yourself when you come down from it - and away from the real wonderful light feeling of being in His love. We need to help the young people everyone, they don’t have a clue. People can live their whole life and never know about unclean spirits - they just keep getting dragged through the gutter of each torturing experience, agonising over the failures and choices they’ve made. Why do you think people have so much trouble sleeping? There are TVs and stereos and iPads to plug into your ears so that you don’t have to hear the sound of your own failures and creeping depravity.

Choose Yahusha’s thoughts not the unclean spirits . . . Choose the positive not the ugly negative . . . Choose Life - not death . . .

BY MARK DAVIDSON . . . check out the video: