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Ultimate Creative Experience.

What is the ultimate creative experience Yahuah had in mind for us?

LOVE is the answer of course.

Yahuah wants us to recognise just Who He is, what He has done and can do! If you think for a moment about Yahusha and who He is, the Scripture says He has "always been there" even before His Creation.

If we just take this concept in for a moment, our conclusion is well "always," is a long time. Can you go there in your mind, think before creation where there was nothing, go into that time space of "always" and imagine how far away that distance is in time. Now come back to Creation time and look in your mind's eye and watch this whole world and everything in it (grains of sand and water - nothing existed) being made from nothing, you can imagine this because we all have an imagination. They even say special music was being played as He created.

We are told in Scripture that we were created in the image of Yahuah. This means He is the same size as us. Yahusha said "Let there be light" and as the words left His mouth, that incredible thing called the sun appeared. This man the same size as us said it and it happened! How amazingly incredible is all this creation thing? How overwhelming is this to believe that there could be such a person?

When Yahusha came to earth every sickness and disease that came to Him was cured, demons and unclean spirits were cast out of everyone that asked. He walked on water and was full of incredible healing and health-giving love.

This love is what He wants to inject into us, so that we spend eternity with Him. He has the power to deliver us from any problem or sickness. But He wants us to know Him. Do you think you can get to know this incredible being? KNOWING HIM IS CALLED BELIEF. Can you get yourself to believe He is there and He loves us all and wants to communicate with us all?

Being alive in this Creation is an incredible privilege and an amazing experience. Can you believe we have been taking such advantage of this thing we are living in, called time, for so long without a thought for the One Who has given us life? He loves us so much and is waiting for us!