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Slavery In Paradise.

Have you ever considered what the ancient city of babylon must have looked like. It was one of the wonders of the world with its hanging gardens and waterways. A most spectacular beautiful wealthy city, having an army of strong handsome muscular men and beautiful women. The market place was a source of trade from all over the globe and full of desirable things including slaves. The belief system was sexually oriented and most perverse which was considered normal. I mean really perverse brothers and sisters! In dress & behaviour.

There were stunningly aromatic gardens, flowers, shrubs and trees everywhere, the waterways were just amazing and loaded with fish. Everywhere you looked was a memorable exotic beautiful vista. This is where Yahuah sent Yisharal (His bride) to be punished for her sin?!?! Yisharal had totaly denied the Covenant and was living in a state of saturated sexuality, worse than the nations around her, even offering her children to the pagan deity "moloch". Actually they were using the Turah with pagan practises which is total wickedness. Yisharal had split the nation in two, with two temples.

Yahuah sent prophets and told Yisharal that He was going to divorce her because of her behaviour. How important is your behaviour today, before Yahusha, brothers and sisters ???

The prophets said that the 2 Tribes would become one nation again, we know the parable of the prodigal is a symbol of the last days. Especially when the Father goes out to bid the older brother to come and join in the feast. Brothers and Sisters, I ask you what does the feast represent?

Yisharal was divorced because of her behaviour to the covenant in the land and has never returned in full power as prophesied, up to this very day......Yahusha (Who is Yahuah) has died so that He can remarry His chosen bride. The Bride of Yahusha are those who repent and accept His Name, and immersed and filled with the Ruach. Yahusha is calling His bride who is born of His Spirit not from the rabble that say they are chosen.

The former bride, born of the flesh, who was divorced, well she still is divorced and is still living in under the curse of punishment as Yahuah said she would. Yahusha's Bride is born of the Ruach and has nothing to do with man's description of the heritage of the flesh.

Question; Brothers? Why did Yahuah choose such a beautiful place to send his former bride into slavery?