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Stormed From Within.

This is proof that THE JERICHO WALLS OF ISLAMIC TRADITIONS ARE BEING STORMED FROM WITHIN by the under 50's generation !!!

The young islamers do not want to put up with "THIS WICKEDNESS,"they are not seen but are marching around inside these walls of tradition and "THE SHOUT" of rebellion is coming soon which will crumble this man-made religion.

Wait until these YOUNG REVOLUTIONISTS find out that their precious religion of the PROPHET MOHAMMED IS A HOAX and made up by the catholic "church."

Rev 17:4-6 tells us that rome is the the mother of the whores and the abominations of the earth. The young islamers are finding out their history and are gradually realising that their clerics are being controlled by a bunch of violent jesuits, infiltrating wicked punishments down through the ranks to manifest against the younger generations of rebellion.

This photo is the workings of ROME THE GREAT WHORE, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY ABOMINATION ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH and it is so easy for us to see that this work is an abomination. We wish peace and love to this brave young woman. We pray that she becomes a spokeswoman for her generation. Bless you, sweet girl, we pray you find Yahusha.