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Yahusha's Point Of Contact.

Brothers & Sisters putting ourselves in the shoes of Zakkai, everyone is yelling, "The Master is here, look at Him." The way people were feeling and shouting with excitement was enough to make the hair on your neck and arms stand right up. "I wonder if He will do any miracles in our town" some said. As Zakkai ran past the crowd looking for a gap to see the Master, people were saying all sorts of crazy things about miracles, the dead rising etc. This throng of fascination was really getting to Zakkai so much so that he was becoming overwhelmed.

Zakkai, being a man of small stature (still jumping up and down) says, "I cant see Him," so he says to himself, "I know, I will run ahead and get up that tree there, then I will see the passing Messiah." Zakkai in his heart just wanted to see Messiah. That's all! In Zakkai's heart he obviously had heard that Messiah can forgive our sins and cleanse us. But Zakkai wasn't expecting anything, he just might of had a 'tingle hope' deep in his heart.

Yahusha of course knowing the hearts of men understood what was happening behind the crowd with Zakkai, then everything culminated or orchestrated together, when Zakkai was up the tree and Yahusha standing under it. This is Yahusha's point of contact, written in His behaviour and the Scripture, for you and I today.


Put yourself again in Zakkai's shoes, it is the morning after and Yahusha has just left the house. Zakkai's experience of being cleansed and having hosted the Messiah, would have probably stunned and dazed him for some time to come. Slowly over the next days and weeks Zakkai would realise what the visit was for, who he was in Messiah's eyes and what was going on around him politically, religiously and in commerce, (being a man of taxation). Thinking about the parable Yahusha gave the grumblers and associating them with that parable Zakkai could see clearly now, just "HOW TO BEHAVE" in his life and how to live for Yahusha.

Brothers and Sisters it is up to us when Messiah visits to realise how He wants us to behave His Turah, in spite of what men in high places say. When we look at the way Yahusha behaved among His fellow men with their rules and laws, we see our own behaviour in contrast and where it needs to be modified into what He wants from this point of contact. Brothers and Sisters life in Yahusha is all about our Behaviour.

If Yahusha was this particular coming into the life of Zakkai, how will He be in our lives? We must remember from the parable of the mina that the master expects results in our fruitfulness and that there will be rewards as well as punishments. This world, everything in it and everyone on it, belongs to Yahusha (something we all should realise) - again point of contact. Yahusha allows what man is planning and behaving like, to happen on His earth. Yahusha has plans for us, like how He delivered Zakkai in the middle of everyones madness. He will do the same with us. Deliverance from the system is a miracle that only Yahusha can perform.

Brothers and Sisters if you feel you need some deliverance you better seek the door that only Yahusha can open, remembering that He is seeking your love.

By Chris Hilton . . .