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Speaking Out

Behaviour Revolution is at the forefront of speaking out and this behaviour of speaking out is done in the way the poster says KEEP CALM, while you are doing it. Speaking out is not done in a loud way as they do in so called demonstrations which usually end up a failure or a riot.

A true believer usually speaks out in their behaviour or with gentle words of encouragement. This is the behaviour required on the front line of daily living. On the other hand we are not afraid to say "no", or "I think this should stop", especially when routines need to be followed, or if one is in a work place, or given the authority to discipline.

Remembering our behaviour is all about the love of Yahusha, you can still have a good sense of humour and enjoy your daily life, of course our armour is a wonderful asset against those flaming arrows. Having a disciplined mind to Turah gives the believer an incredible difference in their strengths and abilities that would be an asset to any company, like Joseph. Unfortunately we do not see many shining in their behaviour because they don't activate the Two Rules in their lives.

Instead many are against Behaviour Revolution, remembering Yahusha told us half the bride is wise and half are foolish. Can you imagine faking the experience of Yahusha. This is a totally hypocritical existence and is living amongst true believers. It makes one think "who is real" but the wrong behaviour reveals itself and all we need to do is keep going.

Brothers and Sisters, be at the forefront and Yahusha will lead you to those who are true.

By Chris Hilton . . .