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What Is A Mindset?


We all have a mindset that is formed from childbirth, starting with our parents and siblings who subject us to all forms of words and behaviours. The mind remembers most things but seems to not take on board every word or behaviour performed before it - choosing to accept and behave the ones it likes. This process is a life long continuation taking on behaviours and words which are called our "MINDSET."

This gathering of knowledges and behaviours forms the pattern and outcome of our life's experience. It is absolutely and completely impossible for man himself to change or re-right this formulated mindset. Every mindset on earth is driven and working towards achieving its planted goals. This is an impossible situation to stop and always ends in disaster.

So Brothers and Sisters from this situation we see a massive global population all working towards fulfilling the desires within their hearts. Man has invented "Religion" in the midst of our mindsets to control us, which it does to a certain extent. Trouble is our goals and desires are unquenchable and forge us on, some even to crime to reach their goals.

A mindset left without instruction of truth, to fend for itself, (in it's gatherings of likes and dislikes), is under the power of wicked witchcraft and evil, which has infiltrated through religion into every aspect of life's knowledges where death seems to be its only resolve. This is evil's resolve for man.

Man with all his revolutionary technology cannot stop his disastrous dirge towards death. The mindset without truth and love, which are not available to mankind on this earth, but are a supernatural component which is available then added and to man's psyche after repentance. The name Yahusha means "Yah is our Deliverer," and by calling upon His name ONLY He will come to you, deliver you, wash your mindset clean and heal all your diseases by His supernatural blood.

We are then able to start again and fill our new mindsets with the truth of the Scripture and live the blessings from His Covenant. We will achieve this on the wings of His Supernatural love, reaching the main goal of eternal life. One thing - as we journey through His word and discover the gold and hidden gems available to us in the truth, the fact is that they not only work but make our lives much more prosperous in every way. The most amazing realisation is, we realise our previous mindsets were saturated with witchcraft's religions rendering us lost and insane.

By Chris Hilton . . .