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At a certain point in a man’s life he realises he walks alone. When he looks behind him at the wreckage of chaos, financial blunders and desires he has invested his time and heart in he sees the control of this world that has had him by the throat, dragging him from person to person, project to project, heartbreak to heartbreak. He knows wholeheartedly that while he may be surrounded constantly by those who would have him a certain way and perform certain duties, those who love him very much - he indeed walks through this life alone.

Is this a good realisation to wake up to or a bad one?

It is not until a man realises he is alone that he ponders the purpose of his life and who he wants to spend it with (who he will serve/worship) and HOW HE WILL CHOOSE TO BEHAVE. It is not until a man sees every single part of HIS life as futile and worthless, that he cries our for YAHUSHA’S purpose and the life that He promises to those who would abandon everything and follow Him.

Why must we be alone?

The word `ALONE’ means to be APART, SEPARATE, ISOLATED, UNIQUE, UNEQUALLED. I also like the dictionary quote “to have no one else present around you”. I thought that was hilarious because in this world of walking dead we can be in a crowded room and yet have NO ONE TRULY PRESENT. We could be with our own family and friends and still have no one else truly present around us.

Being present (to me) is BEING CONSCIOUS AND AWAKE, something I have spent the majority of my life asleep to. Being present is to be uncluttered by the pestering of unclean spirits and their agendas, not bogged down by bitternesses or grudges, free and organised in your life to hear Yahusha’s voice (which is always “uplifting and true to give us hope, life, peace and a future”). This is the door I have recently walked through and you must do it alone. Every person must account for their time on this earth to their Creator at the end, no matter who their friends were or what their spouse was doing - just them - and this is what Yahusha wants.

As His Word says, He separates us unto Himself because He is a jealous Al. He loves us and we have all be swept up in so much worldly and religious (beastly) mindsets that sometimes it feels like He is using His great universal cro-bar to pry us away - closer to Him.

Alone is a realisation, it is a maturity that many others haven’t attained yet. Now comes the crunch. Do you look back and miss all the happy times (were they really?) or do you take hold of your relationship with Yahusha through His Word and His voice in your ear, guiding you constantly and put on his love and compassion for those around you. Will you give up your life for the few people who abide in your sphere of existence.

Following Yahusha is not what we thought. It’s not a global mission that rapes us all of our time and resources. It is a very deep, personal and beautiful, soft and gentle love that grows inside of us for the purpose of lifting those around us, those who are not present, who can’t see, who are lost and without hope, those under our own roof. Everyone loves Yahusha’s love, everyone wants attention and to be heard and understood. Why can’t we lend them our ears, our eyes and our hearts? Why do we always need to be given given, given, lifted, lifted, lifted. It’s so boring.

Die to this world with all it’s lusts and desires and you will start to experience a resurrection of sorts. Yahusha will reveal your hearts desires to you and your purpose on this earth will become clear. It’s all about behaviour and overcoming the evil that flows through us. Or haven’t you faced yet that we are all evil?

Marriage is a wonderful union and symbol of Yahusha’s plan and love but when Yahusha returns the only marriage will be with Him, the only wedding feast will be for Him and His Bride. Our earthly marriages will hold little importance in the New Yerushalyim. Why do I say this? Because no matter what your situation, how many wives or kids you have, you walk alone with your Master and He wants your undivided attention for His purposes. He is preparing us for something truly special. We are going to be witnesses of Scriptural Prophesy unfolding in this world as it all comes to an end.

Still feel alone?