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Religious Freedom and Slavery.


It is easy to see from Scriptural History in the time of Abraham, Issac and Joseph and then on through to Moses, that Israel had a famine, went to Egypt to buy food and eventually stayed there. Israel got caught up into idolatry and were put into slavery. ISRAEL WAS TAKEN FROM THEIR OWN PEACE AND FREEDOM TO "RELIGIOUS SLAVERY." This actually was going on all throughout the life of Israel, getting caught up in other religions.

Anyway lets get back to the slavery of Israel by Egypt. Anyone can see that Yahuah did not want His people to be involved with "Religious Behaviour." Religion always sets itself up as superior to His people's Turah, which in turn opposes the truths of Yahuah's Words. Obviously through a miraculous divine intervention Yahuah destroyed the lush lifestyle of the Egyptians until Pharaoh gave Yahuah's people back into His hands.

Israel took all Egyptian wealth with them when they left, as payment for years of torturous slavery. Moses told Pharaoh that Yahuah wanted to talk to His people in the desert and this is where He appeared on the Mount and gave the 10 Commands to His people (i.e. a marriage certificate). Israel accepted and became the wife of Yahuah and agreed to live according to the Covenant and be faithful in this marriage. We all know what happened after this, Israel was unfaithful and became divorced because she mixed religion with Turah and played the whore with other religious nations, breaking covenant.

ISRAEL BECAME A DIVORCED WOMAN AND COULD NOT RE-MARRY UNTIL HER HUSBAND HAD DIED. THIS IS WHY MESSIAH CAME TO SAVE HER AND ONLY THOSE SINNERS WHO REPENT AND ENTER COVENANT CAN BE IN THE NEW BRIDAL COMPANY. Yahusha Messiah is looking for a faithful bride who will stick to the agreement and pass "THE TEST" He puts forth for us to prove our love for Him. As He has already done for us.

Yahusha is (so-called) taking us out into the desert to reveal His love for us and to take all forms of religious behaviour from our mindset. This is the cleansing we need to endure, no more semblance of religious behaviour and worship. Yahuah hates His people to have a mixture of Turah with religion. Today religion comes in many forms of behaviour which is a curse and a bondage to the human mind and heart.

Brothers RUN TO THE DESERT AND REPENT if you want eternity in the love of Yahusha.

WHAT IS RELIGION ? religion - noun - the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. "ideas about the relationship between science and religion" - synonyms: faith, belief, divinity, worship, creed, teaching, doctrine, theology; sect, cult, religious group, faith community, church, denomination, body, following, persuasion, affiliation - "the right to freedom of religion" - a particular system of faith and worship. - plural noun: religions - "the world's great religions" - a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion. - "consumerism is the new religion"

Brothers all forms of "CHURCH & WORSHIP OF DEITIES" is religion.

By Chris Hilton . . .