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Understanding Is The Greatest Key.

Brothers . . . !!


When we look at the status, value and mindset (on the majority) of the people in the over 60's group today - it's like a dirty old homeless bag-lady. No younger people are interested in what she has in her bags. This is the view of the majority. We Baby Boomers need to know not to give up for Scripture tells us, "You can bear much fruit in your old age." The younger generations don't even look at or view life, knowledge and understanding as we do. When we were growing up, history had only come to the 1950's, we grew up with the morality and knowledge of that time. Our whole mindset was formed with a global view of that time, but what is important to us Baby-Boomers is totally boring and un-interesting to the youth behind us.

UNDERSTANDING each other is a big problem today, because of the clash of the mindsets. The only ingredient that can bridge the gap is the truth and that is the Word of Yahuah (NOT GOD OR JESUS), BUT YAHUAH AND YAHUSHA.

"The Bible," and the Jews called Yahuah "God""Jesus." The Baby Boomers grew up with much confusion about truth and of course were swallowed up in sin, which is today wiping them out by their own curse of disobedience. Within the last 20 years humanity has been gurgling, pulsating and convulsing like a volcano ready to blow and has erupted the real name of the Father and son, Yahuah and Yahusha.Turah is the truth and is called the book of instruction. Our generation was given a mixture of lies and truth called and did not accept Messiah as

Humanity has also realised that the Turah has had words subtracted and added, causing a great misunderstanding throughout all generations, leaving us controlled by Religion. Yahuah has broken through to humanity as He said He would do - the Turah has now had everything that was taken and changed by lies, returned to it's rightful place in the BYNV scriptures. This is the only bridge that can fill the gaps between the generations and only Yahusha can do this by forming His bride.

Behaviour Revolution has started filling this gap with easy-to-understand ways of combating the evil that stands between the younger generations. All we have to do is behave Turah which is a light that will attract them to get on-board and start their own race. Here is a quick summary that will help you gain the condition to win the race. To enter the competition (THE RACE) we need the right equipment.

1). The cost of entry:

Repent, Immersion, heart circumcision and the infilling of the Set-Apart spirit. 2). Proficiency in the application of the 3 Rules. 3). Understanding "The Test of Endurance." 4). No sexy, carnal behaviour. It brings a curse. 5). Making our thoughts obedient to Mashiak. 6). Don't catch people out, it is the opposite to "letting them have it," instead behave in love like the good Samaritan.

There are articles on Behaviour Revolution's Facebook page explaining how to attain these attributes much quicker, if you genuinely apply them. Yahusha is really interested in bridging the gap between us and Him first, because He wants us to enter "THE RACE,'' bringing Besorah to the sinner. The whole point of our behaviour before the sinner by being as they are, is actually a light shining the way across the gap which bridges them to Yahusha and new life. Brothers this is "The Race,"


By Chris Hilton . . .