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Are You Burning Inside?


When you invite Yahuah in to your heart He comes in with the Fire of Hatred for sin. Yahuah circumcises the hardness of your heart and sets ablaze any hint of disobedient behaviour. The 3 rules are like a drone robot and enter the war zone within you, they sniper unwanted behaviour and when it manifests Yahuah comes to it like a blow torch and consumes our disobedience to Turah and each other.

Are you having this experience and haven't realised it is Yahuah moulding you? Now when ever we feel this fire, run to His feet and repent (apologise for our wickedness). If we don't repent Yahuah will turn up the fire until we either give in or are consumed.

Yahuah always tells us of our behaviour before and after we perform it and if we ignore His promptings there is suffering.

By Chris Hilton . . .