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The True Prophesied City.


People seem to forget to mention the fact that Elohim destroyed Yerushalayim not only once but twice, He knocked its walls down because the nation mixed the Torah with the worship of deities, instead of globally spreading the Besorah (good news). The Scriptures were spoken through the prophets (as they say but also forget) that they got the words from Elohim. Israel was only allowed to stay in the land which belongs to Elohim, so long as they kept the wedding vows (the Ten Commandments). Israel ignored Elohim and lived how she wanted by using idolatry to worship Elohim, which He hates. This behaviour was forbidden and Israel carelessly broke the wedding vows which would only bring the curses of disobedience upon her. The punishment for Israel was that she was to be scattered into the nations. Israel is now coming back into the land claiming that it is hers, she is unrepentant and defiant in her behaviour, still filled with idolatry and religion of her own making.

The mind of Israel is today filled with worldly traditions as she spreads her reputation to the nations, claiming that her return is prophesied. The thing about this prophecy is we need to know the difference between what the actual words of the Scripture are saying and what Israel is claiming. For starters YISHARAL IS THE NAME OF THE NATION THAT RETURNS TO THE LAND NOT ISRAEL. Yisharal is the Bride of Messiah who will be tested and proven here on earth which affords her to be clothed in righteousness.

Prophecy tells us that when Messiah returns Yisharal His Bride will be caught up to meet her in the sky. She, Yisharal, will be taken into the City of promise for the great Wedding Feast of the new marriage. Messiah then brings the New Yerushalayim down to a fire-cleansed, replenished earth. Of course the city that now stands there will be smashed to dust, as the new Yerushalayim descends to take its rightful place of rule.

Someone has deceived Israel into thinking they will build a new city that (God) will inhabit. The revelation tells us that there will be no sun and no temple in the new city because He is the light and He will be with us. It would really be disgusting to re-institute sacrificial worship when Messiah was the last sacrifice and abolished temple worship. That is why it has never been re-instated and never will be again. This is just the truth of Turah you are being told - I am not a messianic or religious. What you do with these words is up to you. These words are expressed in love however Scripture says the truth is a sword.

By Chris Hilton . . .