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Search Your Feelings

Search your feelings right now. Do you feel happy? Joyous? At peace with your life? Or are you down, unhappy, sad and miserable? Did you know it all depends on how you think? Sin brings misery and while we are being flogged to remove our spots and wrinkles, yes, many times we feel upset and a lot of our emotions are caused simply from REAPING what we’ve SOWN in others for many years in our stupidity.

But when a lot of the floggings for our own ridiculous, unlawful behaviour become less and less and Yahusha can trust the stability of our behaviour more . . . .

QUESTION - Why would we feel anything but elated with life and the magnificence of our sweet deliverer Yahusha?

ANSWER - We are not doing THE 3 RULES . . .

You can be surrounded by the most harsh, callous, evil, relentless, cruel and hatefully wicked behaviour all the time and still be happy if you do THE 3 RULES. Let me explain why. THE 3 RULES are not for other people, they are for you. You don’t throw them at other people’s behaviour, you use them on yourself and ask them of yourself. So no matter what fires of anger or hate, or even passive indifference are surging all around you constantly - you ask yourself:

>>>AM I LETTING THEM HAVE IT? Just like you would a customer or a boss, you humble yourself and become a servant. You give up your rights as the Father, Husband, Son, Man (whatever roles you previously thought you had authority and should get respect for) and you become a servant. Isn’t this what Yahusha did for everyone around Him? You seek to listen to His voice and be obedient in all the small, mundane, daily chores and responsibilities and not WANT recognition for any of them (because you will never get it).

The second part of AM I LETTING THEM HAVE IT? is the realisation that . . . . . . . . YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANOTHER PERSON’S MIND OR BEHAVIOUR. The sooner you realise this truth the sooner comes your relief. You are not responsible for anyone else’s behaviour but your own. Now as parents we have a job to guide our kid’s behaviour and teach them Yahusha’s truths, but we all know that one day they will grown up, turn on us and will have to seek Yahusha for themselves if that is what they want. You cannot change your spouse either, only yourself and that is why THESE RULES ARE FOR OURSELF and not to be used on others.

>>>AM I TAKING THIS PERSONALLY? Here is a doozy! You cannot take anything anyone says or does personally throughout your day. WHY? Because unless they have the Ruach of Yahusha in them they are nuts, walking dead, and can be used by any unclean spirit to fuss you up and bring you grief. But if you face this, even in your own children, then you put your Amor on the second you wake up of a morning and you’re ready for battle (or are you expecting things to just flow smoothly and wonderfully in your day?). Always wear your Armor because even those who DO have the Ruach of Yahusha in them may not be wanting to behave accordingly, “BUT WHAT IF WHAT THEY’RE SAYING OR DOING IS EXTREMELY PERSONAL AND HURTFUL!! . . . . THEN WHAT?

QUESTION: How do I NOT take this personally?

ANSWER: By realising that Yahusha would not treat you in such a harsh and callous way (discipline and flogging is LOVE but cruel behaviour is HATE). You face that IF IT’S NOT THE UPLIFTING AND JOYOUS LOVE OF YAHUSHA COMING AT YOU THROUGH ANOTHER PERSON’S BEHAVIOUR, THEN IT IS THE PESTERING, RELENTLESS TAUNTING OF UNCLEAN SPIRITS FLOWING THROUGH THE PERSON - AND YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. What was Yahusha doing while they nailed Him to the stake? Asking forgiveness for the poor insane soldiers who were mocking and spitting and unaware of their own evil behaviour. Can we go there for others OR WILL WE TAKE IT PERSONALLY? Even those who say they are doing THE 3 RULES might be doing them their own way, and so we need to always be on guard and not deceived Brothers and Sisters . . .

>>>AM I MAKING EXCUSES? So you start having conversations with Yahusha inside your head, telling Him how unfair your circumstance is (you know, having a pitiful winge and complaint to the Master of the Universe) and He brings all these points to your attention about your own behaviour and resilience and lack of obedience to THE 3 RULES (which are actually behaving the Turah and Commandments - if you do them). Will you receive His instruction? Or will you try to slime out of the situation by pointing the finger (making excuses).

Yahusha is very jealous of His Bride and seeks to be the object and centre of her attention always. This special relationship is between you and Him (no one else) and you need to focus on this first and foremost if you are going to be trustworthy of helping in the latter harvest.

This behavioural Test and THE 3 RULES are what builds our strength and character so we can ENDURE until the end. Why don’t you face that maybe those around you don’t feel the same way you do? Remember the Parable of the Sower and Seed. We all look back at all the happy times with lots of various friends who received the Living Words with gladness, but alas those relationships are no more - NOTHING WRONG WITH THE SEED - it’s the condition of the hearts.

“BUT WHAT IF IT’S MY OWN HUSBAND OR WIFE?” Even married people need to do THE 3 RULES in the exact same way. Yahusha said that when He comes HE DOES NOT BRING PEACE BUT A SWORD!!! What would that look like in a marriage??? Did you know THERE IS NO MARRIAGE IN THE NEW YERUSHALAYIM? Our life here in the temporal earthly realm is very short and limited and there’s not much time left, yet everyone around us is clamouring for a little piece of their inheritance in the earthly wealth and pleasures. But what if we were to overcome all this nonsense and focus on the eternal? How would we see ourselves and those around us? As hideous persecution and horrible obstacles? Or would they barely be a blip on our radar because our focus, yearning and longing is for the face and attention of our beautiful Bridegroom Yahusha, Who will return shortly to raise up from this earth His perfect restored Bride - and burn everything on the face of this earth away to restore it to it’s original splendour - for eternity . . .

I hope these words help you brothers and sisters because we have all been taught how to behave by religious institutions and society, but when Yahusha comes along, He turns everything up on it’s end and restores His truth and ways to His people.


By Mark Davidson . . .