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The Alef Tau

YAHUSHA & YAHUAH ARE THE ALEF-TAU . . . . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Alef-Tau Symbols have been strategically placed into the original Hebrew Text to show us that Yahusha was there from the very beginning because the Father and Son are One. John 1 explains this regarding the Word (Yahusha) and we can stand strong knowing that our Creator always has us in the palm of His hand, supporting, loving, training and leading us. When we think that all the cosmic powers of the universe came from one man’s Word “Let there be....” and we know that Yahusha was only 33 when He died (and would still look the same today) - we can know that He is so close and approachable because He is just like us, the same size as us, a man, yet Alahim.

I found studying the Alef-Tau very encouraging because I had just assumed it was only the Father we were focussing on in the “Old Testament” until He took on flesh to become our deliverance (Yahusha means “Yahuah is our Deliverance”). However reading about the specific placements of the Alef-Tau before certain people’s names and in other places in the Scripture we know that Yahusha has been functioning in a deliverance capacity since the very beginning. He and the Father are One and many text explain this - so when we refer to the Alef-Tau we are not just talking about Yahusha but Yahuah as well - because they are one and the same.

He has no beginning and no end and He loves us so much and only wants us to seek Him, find Him, hear Him and know Him.

Lots of Love . . . . . Mark.