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The Feast of Sukkoth


Hey, its THE time to recognise YAHUSHA'S love for us, keeping us strong and supporting our lives

(and if you're a believer, Yahusha actually lives inside of you)

THIS IS THE TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN WE CELEBRATE YAHUSHA COMING TO EARTH and living among us....TABERNACLED WITH US.......(not at the time of Christmas!) It is a week long the end of the harvest year, giving thanks for the blessing of Yahusha's provision and care for our lives.........a real "THANKSGIVING".

Everything in Yahuahs' plan for Creation was based on following the Turah instruction, the feasts in the seasons and agriculture. When not adhered to, it results in an imbalance as seen in human behaviour and nature.

Deut.16:15. "For 7 days you shall observe a festival to Yahuah your Alahim in the place which Yahuah chooses, because Yahuah your Alahim does bless you in all your increase and in all the work of your hands, and you shall be only rejoicing...."

The "Sukkah" represents the temporary dwelling on this earth, our dependence on Yahuahs care and sustenance......looking forward to the world to come. So everything seen here is just temporary, but what is unseen is eternal...coming to the end of my life, I'd much rather put my trust in the eternal creator, than some short years here on earth.

This feast is yet to be fulfilled... as Yahushas' return is to come!! HOW EXCITING.

By Victoria Hilton . . .