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Sex and Marriage Harmony.

Brothers and Sisters !!


Behaviour Revolution believes that what is going on in the world today with our language needs to be explained with explicit speech. We are going to use words that could be offensive to some, to explain behaviour that is in the Turah, so please don't be offended.

We see this thing (a behaviour) going down between men and women, and especially the youth, where they find it so hard to agree, or come together on about almost any decision.

This Scripture in the post below may help to explain the situation. This shows us that we must communicate to agree under the authority of Turah. This text is speaking of married couples, men and women living under Turah instruction. Any other person living as married (sleeping together), outside the covenant is cursed and living in sin as the Turah says. Don't worry you can still be cleansed of your sin and have a right relationship with your Creator, if you are willing.

The explicit speech we are talking about has to do with the husband realising that he does not have control over his body, but that his wife does, and vice versa. In a covenant marriage this is needed to be explained and understood, to create marriage harmony. Sex also has a large part to play in this relationship and intercourse should be explained to the young inexperienced newly weds. Today there are very few virginal youth left, so to talk in this tone is pretty ridiculous . . .

A young man and woman should be told just what happens to them when a man enters a vagina. An erect penis and testicles have a massive amount of erotic nerve endings that even if they brush past a soft fabric, can make the penis throb and pulsate. If they are caressed by a lover, it is highly possible to ejaculate on the spot, so sensitive is the penis. Once a man enters a woman and is caressed by her vagina, having intercourse, his mind and body is in a total state of euphoric ecstacy which she experiences as well. This is a beautiful and private experience Yahusha gives to His creation, unfortunately for those living outside the Covenant, this is not always a pleasant experience and many things can go wrong.

It is always wise for the young couple to try not to dominate each other with the authority they each have over eachother, but to discuss Turah truth in every situation, so their love can grow and not fall into temptation. Holding back sexual pleasure from your husband or wife is wickedness.

temptation: noun the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. "he resisted the temptation to call Celia at the office" synonyms: desire, urge, itch, impulse, inclination "Mary resisted the temptation to answer her mother back" a thing that attracts or tempts someone. "the temptations of life in London" synonyms: lure, allurement, enticement, seduction, attraction, draw, pull, invitation; bait, decoy, snare, trap, siren song; informalcome-on "he had no intention of exposing her to the temptations of London" allure, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, fascination "the temptation of travel to exotic locations" the tempting of Yahusha by the Devil (see Matt. 4). noun: Temptation; noun: the Temptation.

As you can see, the modern woman today (living outside of the Covenant) knows exactly how a man feels and what he would like from her, which she flaunts daily before him. All the time she is like a black widow spider waiting to devour him, then lays the same trap for the next sucker. She is building a better life for herself (or so she thinks), all the time not realising she is full of poison and no one could live with her and the way she behaves. We are warned all through Turah about such a woman and that they have even moved in amongst the believers. There are men also who are tricksters and users. This is why it is essential to check the spirit and say to yourself "would Yahusha treat me like this"?

By Chris Hilton . . .