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Activating Turah-Trust Behaviour.


The teaching and video below is wonderful and brings our understanding into a higher realm, but what does Yahusha give this to us for? As with all the instruction of Turah, it is a behaviour. All of Turah is a behaviour not a religious mindset of knowledge that is not activated. Activated knowledge of truth is always a behaviour (consider our covenant). The thing is, refusing to activate your behaviour by staying in the comfort of a RELIGIOUS FORTRESS OF KNOWLEDGE, is living a bad behaviour of religious mixture. Just like this wonderful message from Yahuah about the mixed up language, this knowledge brings us to the place where Yahusha expects us to activate what we have learned into correcting our behaviour, to suit the giving of this knowledge. Yahusha wants us to "come out of this childish, mixed behaviour and step into the unexperienced discipline of Turah-Trust behaviour i.e. "Yes I did hear His voice." Then activating your behaviour by checking with Scripture as we apply the instruction. The 3 Rules are a major contribution to help us develop righteous fruit, remember we use The 3 Rules for our behaviour as a checking of our own behaviour, we do not use them on others.

By Chris Hilton . . .


What Happened To Hebrew? TRANSLITERATION HYSTERIA Transliterating transfers the letters of a language to another, preserving the exact sound of the original language. The original Hebrew words, even the letters to spell those words, are inspired by Yahuah.

People don’t know what’s happened or why when they see Abrahim spelled “Avraham” or “Ibrahim.” This Hebrew name begins with the letter ALEF, the letter “A.” The first two letters are AB, not AV. Eber and Emmanual both begin with the letter AYIN, which may be rendered as an E or an A depending on the word. Often Eber and Emmanual are erroneously spelled Iber and Immanuel.

On the Internet, people are spelling the city of peace “YAHrushalem” and making up names like “marYAH” and many others.

They hear yara (shoot) or yerak (moon) and falsely perceive the sound of the Name, so they insert Yah into the word.

The confusion of Hebrew continues as if there are aftershocks from the mouthquake at the tower of Babel. The first two letters of the city of Yerushalayim are yod-resh, not yod-hay, yet teachers are spelling it as if the Name “Yah” is in the word.

All this confusion is from a combination of reasons. Hebrew should be understood as the language (speech) of the man Eber.

Yahuah’s Word refers to Hebrew by the term EBRITH. As teachers attempt to teach Hebrew, the original Hebrew script is often ignored entirely, and they use the Aramaic script while calling it “modern Hebrew.” The Aramaic script was inherited from Babel in the days of NekemYah (Nehemiah) . . . By Lew White