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Men are Stupid because they Flirt!


Flirting is considered one of the most dangerous behaviours on the face of this planet. Globally at the moment it is like a full blown epidemic. Why is this so, you may ask, it seems like such a harmless practice, but understanding the meaning of the word "flirt" helps a great deal i.e.

FLIRT : verb 1. behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions - "she began to tease him, flirting with other men in front of him" synonyms: trifle with, toy with, tease, lead on, philander with, dally with, make romantic advances to, court, woo, vamp; informalpull, chat up, make eyes at, make sheep's eyes at, give the come-on to, come on to, be all over; datedset one's cap at "she's always flirting with the boys" 2. (of a bird) wave or open and shut (its wings or tail) with a quick flicking motion. "a moorhen stepped out of the reeds, flirting its white tail"

As you can see by the explanation above, THIS BEHAVIOUR IS A LYING BEHAVIOUR. "Children are watching," this is why it is a dangerous behaviour and why men are so stupid. If men would opt for righteous behaviour this world would be a better place.But because the don't, this is why this world is sexually perverse. Kids watch their parents flirting with other people constantly to get what they want and kids think this is the norm so they too engage in the flirting (this starts from about 5 years of age). The kids see men flirting with women - boys with boys, girls with girls, and all sorts of genders coming into their lives. This comes through the tv, movies, conversations.

KIDS DON'T DO WHAT THEIR PARENTS SAY, BUT DO WHAT THEIR PARENTS DO. Suddenly they are surprised when their flirting leads them into a closet where a pedophile rapes them, or a homosexual, or a lesbian, or a trannie, or any other deviate. Here they understand where flirting leads them and how dangerous this behaviour really is, besides this they are stained for life and by the time they are teenagers they have had this experience on numerous occassions and are having behavioural problems. The parents are wondering how and why this is happening to my child. If you mix damaged children with undamaged children, they pass on their acts to the undamaged kids which end up damaged. Turah tells us in Rom 6:16 : "DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT TO WHOM YOU PRESENT YOURSELVES SERVANTS FOR OBEDIENCE,YOU ARE SERVANTS OF THE ONE WHOM YOU OBEY,WETHER OF SIN TO DEATH,OR OF OBEDIENCE TO RIGHTEOUSNESS ?" . . . (read the rest of the chapter).

We have a choice here as believers: is flirting a sin and do I want to let it go from my behaviour? We think this article shows the global pandemic that is stealing the lives of our families leading them to death. THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHA IS THE ONLY ANTIDOTE for the deliverance of our family. How many do you think will have the injection of a changed behaviour and repent, from this worldly behaviour they call an innocent thing, FLIRTING?



FOR DOING THESE SINS WE BELONG TO SATAN & WE WILL LOSE OUR CHANCE AT SALVATION. YAHUSHA WANTS RIGHTEOUS BEHAVIOUR WHICH THIS IS NOT . . . So if people don't want to give up masturbating & flirting it shows they are wanting to live in sin. . .

By Chris Hilton . .

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Is Masturbation & Flirting a sin ???

Mark Davidson - (tick) Yes !

Victoria Hilton - Yes, definetly!

Paul Barry - Not being Set Apart in him is allways Sin especially in Marriage. There will be no Shalom between the couple, a door for a wolf has been left open.


Samual Thompson - No its NOT a sin. I havnt found a scripture against it as yet.

Mark Davidson - Hey bro, Yahusha made it pretty clear that we are not to look at a woman lustfully so any dude claiming he jerks off without any kind of lust is lying to himself and doesn't want to give up his sinful habit. Also Onan (in the "O.T") was struck dead for spilling his seed and not behaving sexually proper. You can look into it all bro, I've made up my mind about it. The feeling of emptiness and shame that follows such an act shows just how much Yahusha hates us doing such behaviours. Sexual sins are pretty serious to Him because they eat away at us bit by bit, making us a slave to them...... hope this helps😊

Phillip Pirisino - Actually Yeshua was talking about lusting after a married woman. Context is a tricky thing sometimes. 😜

Scott Shoob - Actually, Oman was struck dead for "spilling his seed" because he was to give her a child, and he committed the sex act but literally "backed-out" at the end of it and refused to let her have his child as he was supposed to do. So he went into her tent for the "thrill" and not the duty he was supposed to do.

Phillip Pirisino - Scott Shoob yes but that's not a judgment against spilling seed, it's a judgment against providing an heir for your brother. Otherwise we would all be dead, because the male body spills seed involuntarily all the time. Plus every time men have sex with their pregnant wives, seed is also spilled.


Scott Shoob - Correct Phillip. I was just putting into proper context of exactly why YHWH was angered with Oman.

Eva Lewis - Flirting is manipulation - pretty plain & simple. I'm so glad this was posted as it seems to be the subject NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT. Masturbation is delusional, selfish behavior. It wasn't very long ago that I had shared a post where a quick study on the words "bow" and "image" were brought up. We seemed to think that to "bow" to something is only like a hunk of junk statue or the golden calf and a pagan cross comes to mind. A quick word study on the word bow will quickly resolve that mind set. To comply and accept, submit and give respect to, are just the beginning of shedding some light on this word. If we research the word "image" then we see that it is not only an object. Image comes from the Latin word (imago), and although it is the likeness, figure, drawing, portrait, statue, or bust. Another definition is that it is a picture or idea of someone or something in one's mind. And to form a mental picture of someone or something. Hey! Did you catch that? :) When one submits-gives in to - pays homeage - ANOTHER WORDS "BOWS" to the thoughts that enter their mind (Images) then what are you actually doing? Now if we did not see that this behavior is wrong, and do not repent (repent of course means to turn away from and change from the corrupt behavior) then it makes us a slave to it. Then other things follow: Guilt, lies, anger, depression, frustration, anger, lacking in compassion, and the list goes on and on. So in turn, a person is left to wallow in this and then how are you to really love your neighbor? 10th Commandment. Actually if one does not see this as a wrongful act, then other things creep in and pollute the temple (us-where Yahusha dwells). So, YES!!!!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS POST. Thank you for sharing!

Lori Molina - Sex is for bonding and expressing love (self-less: giving and receiving). During intercourse, chemicals are released in the brain which are designed specifically to target an area of the brain for 'bonding' to another person. Masterbation is selfish, self-centered and changes your brain chemistry to love yourself and destroys the ability to bond with another. Hence, you sabatage your ability to ever experience true, intimate, love and bonding, with another human being.

Eva Lewis I do agree with you Lori Molina. If we stop and think about these acts then it quickly shows that Commandments 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 10 are being violated here. Thanks for sharing!

Chris Hilton - Remembering that sin is delightful & masturbation comes as usually something very delightful,this is the temptation.Then the suggestiveness of being kinky has people masturbation in all sorts of strange places,that can sometimes be most embarrassing.Yes to masturbate is most delightful to the mind but the problem is the behaviour that comes with it is not sane & children are watching.Interesting how the men of this generation do not speak out against it.Especially the teachers.

Phillip Pirisino - Teachers don't speak out against it because it isn't sin. I have sex with my wife, and I find it delightful. Is that a sin too?

Chris Hilton - Philip do you masturbate also by yourself ?

Phillip Pirisino - Sure, there's nothing wrong with it.

Chris Hilton - Most of Phillips personal photos are of babies,wow.

Phillip Pirisino - LOL, yes they are my babies that my wife and I produced together. Would you like to insinuate something, Christopher?

Mark Davidson - Wow, looked what happened here overnight - POW.. soooooo many excuses. It's really all about behaviour - Come on men, you gotta be honest with yourself and stop jerkin around with the truth (pun intended) ...... I was actually waiting for the Onan excuse, men always want to justify their lusts through uncontextual scripture.

Phillip Pirisino - Unfortunately I find, just as many if not more men want to use scripture to try and condemn others in the faith. It's usually a mechanism meant to minimize their own sin while pointing the finger at others. This is why the Truth sets us free, because otherwise we are bound to hold on to the ridicule of man.

Mark Davidson - Phillip Pirisino I'm now questioning your mental status since you are actually doing what you are now stating?? (minimizing sin and making excuses)!!!! I'm really not interested in changing your mind about anything mate...

Phillip Pirisino - I don't minimize sin at all. I expressly teach the difference between sin and that which is NOT sin to the best of my ability.

Mark Davidson - so you're a teacher ?

Phillip Pirisino - to my children, yes of course

Mark Davidson I see, well the words you say will be irrelevant because the weird behaviour that starts to form from such sneaky habits will be what they mimic and eventually flow right in to when older because clearly you won't be teaching them it's depraved or wicked since you yourself don't believe this. Boys need to be told very early that looking at nakedness and touching themselves (in that way) is wrong and Yahusha hates it. Otherwise as teenagers they will be bombarded with all the depravities the enemy has to offer their young hearts - pornography, homosexuality, wild-parties,drunkness,drugs etc etc - it is a downward spiral that we can minimise if we as men would stand on Yahusha's words and tell the truth about it . . . .

Phillip Pirisino - It's hard to be sneaky when it is exposed to the light for what it really is. It is simply a physical, natural, bodily pleasure. Kinda like eating a delicious slice of chocolate cake. Of course you don't eat it everyday, and teach your children to eat it everyday - you're all gonna get fat. But I'm not gonna invent a doctrine that calls eating chocolate cake a sin just because if I eat too much it will do me harm rather than good. I would argue one should not send their children to school outside the home for the EXACT reasons you mentioned: " as teenagers they will be bombarded with all the depravities the enemy has to offer their young hearts - pornography, homosexuality, wild-parties,drunkenness,drugs etc". That is a far greater stumbling block to children IMHO.

Mark Davidson - good luck with your pleasures bro . . .

Eva Lewis - Was that like a Bat Man POW or was that an acronym for Prisoner of War? Bahaha I guess either would be appropriate in this case. Bahaha You're right, Mark! It is all about behavior. And that is one nasty behavior that needs to be dealt with and thrown away!

Mark Davidson - So true Eva, it breaks a woman's heart when her husband does such behaviours, making her feel inadequate when it's actually his perversion that is coming between them. The relationship is expressed through the sexual act and because most marriages today do not have Yahusha in them, we hear about all sorts of wife-swapping, swinging parties and sex-toy parties all to spice up the marriage, when it's all wicked - Yahusha is the only amazing lover who can keep the relationship fresh and exciting every day if we will give over to Him...

Eva Lewis - That is sooo true, Mark. It breaks hearts and places doubt and leaves open the door for all sorts of evil thoughts to enter. And yes, the flirting is just as bad. Ppl seem to make all sorts of excuses and say flirting doesn't hurt the other person. Well, it does. Even from my own experience I have seen how flirting can cause strange behavior. I was accused of being "too friendly and I asked why and was told becuz I smile and say hi to everyone - even ppl I don't know. So I said I needed time to process this, cause I knew that if there was anything I needed to be shown I would get an answer. Long story short - this indiviual had been stopping by a place near where I lived just to talk to a female that he found attractive. Even had his friend (who was married) go by just to get a look at her. When confronted with this he didn't seem to think it was wrong. So obviously he was having trust issues with me based on his own behavior. See how sneaky?? If he had acknowledged that it was wrong things may have been different I mean, come on - be REAL AND HONEST! That is what is so wonderful about Yahusha! His love never fails us.