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Starting to Experience the 3 Rules.

In the last couple of weeks Yahusha has been dialling up my awareness of just how much power there is in the 3 Behavioural Rules He has given His Bride as a way to live the Turah obediently through her daily behaviour. . . . and also how undisciplined and unruly I have been in my mind !!

Whenever I catch myself feeling lonely or down (because of the thoughts I'm listening to) I try and ask myself 3 questions and it always changes my perspective and mood :

1. Who am I angry at or judging (not letting them have their crazy opinions or who THEY think they are in THEIR own mind and how THEY behave towards me).... sometime it's even Messiah Yahusha who we're not accepting in our day and letting HIM have US.....

2. Am I taking someone's actions towards me personal? As a personal attack on me instead of seeing that all people without the Ruach inside are varying forms of crazy? This includes the whisperings of unclean spirits - we are not to take their wicked, perverse lies personally, in fact we are to ignore them....

3. Am I lying to myself, making excuses for my own thoughts and Behaviour, instead of listening to Yahusha's very clear, audible voice and changing my Behaviour?

I've come to know and believe that if you start practicing these three rules from Yahusha (which are a summary of all scripture (AS A WAY TO BEHAVE RIGHTEOUSLY) you will be tested and tempted even greater by everyone around you who are still controlled and living a delusion - BECAUSE THESE RULES ACTUALLY REVEAL OR SHOW-UP THOSE AROUND YOU WHO CANT (OR WONT) LIVE AS CONSCIOUS OR AWARE OF THE BATTLE AND BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY AS YOU. You may not be going out of your way to stir up or say anything but everyone around you feels that there's a change or a shift in how you feel and behave. So despite the attacks, if you stay in there and keep practicing, and picking yourself back up even if you blow it, make a mistake and lose your temper - you will start to find real happiness and peace in facing the truth about the reality of this world and the BEHAVIOUR of everyone in it.

And when I go through this process in my head - I know I'm never alone and never feel lonely cause He promises to never leave or forsake us, but HE WILL TRAIN US AND PERFECT US if we have been immersed in His One true Name for deliverance and have become His Bride. He wants us to prove our love to Him and not just be religious, not just into head-knowledge (which has become one of the biggest religions on the earth - being hungry and drunk on knowledge without experiencing Yahusha). In the last 2 decades I've heard so many preachers and sermons and head-knowledge that my brain just wants to shut down - and NONE of them told me about real deliverance - HOW TO EXPERIENCE YAHUSHA - not just know about Him or talk about Him or quote scriptures - EXPERIENCE THE DIVINE - EXPERIENCE THE WONDERS!!!!!

Most of the time the situation I find myself in is because I have tried to keep people happy, keep the peace or be likable - which is impossible and not what we're called to do - so I have to check the thoughts I'm allowing into my head and decide whether I'm receiving LIFE & TRUTH or being deluded by unclean spirits who try to flood me with their filth constantly and flow through everyone around me TO GET ME. Is it arrogant to face that all the feelings and commotion in a room are to GET YOU? Is that self-involved or paranoid? I don't think so. Why would haShatan be trying to attack or influence those he already owns? If you're the only person in the room that the dragon doesn't control then you can bet he's after you, often very subtly through everyone around you.

My life is no longer my own. Do I really believe that? Does it show in my Behaviour or am I still trying to control, support and orchestrate everything in my life? Will I take my hands off everything and DO WHAT HE WANTS ME TO DO - go where He wants me to go and be obedient through my behavior, WAITING & TRUSTING IN HIM ???

This may seem like a lot in my head in response to this little picture here but I'd rather this process of HAVING & FEELING YAHUSHA in my day KNOWING THE REAL POWER OF HIS DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL . . . . . .

Remember if we are obedient to Yahusha in the most practical and smallest of things - He goes before us, fights for us, protects us, unravels all the chaos and makes life very easy...... if we follow HIM!!

By Mark Davidson