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Scent and Sin.

How many different odours can the nose detect? The human nose has roughly 400 types of scent receptors that can detect at least 1 trillion different odours. The human nose can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odours, a resolution orders of magnitude beyond the previous estimate of just 10,000 scents, researchers report today in Science1.

Science tells us we have a membrane covered in mucous at the back of our nose and this is where we detect fragrances or odours. Scientists also say that we have lots of membranes all over our bodies, that have a sense of smell. After a while we seem to lose the smell of a perfume, this is because a gland has had too much of the perfume and tells the brain that the body has had enough of the fragrance, which now seems undetectable.

Just like the many different odours the nose and the body can detect, similarly sin has many delightful temptations that arouse and effect the body. There is a lily called Solomon's lily, which traps it's victims for 24 hours by a scent aroma, then lets the victims go out into its surroundings to pollinate. We know that sin holds captives and uses them to infect others. Have a look at some of sins many ways of infecting others . . .

Dictionary result for SIN: noun 1. an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. "a sin in the eyes of Yahuah" synonyms: immoral act, wrong, wrongdoing, act of evil/wickedness, transgression, crime, offence, misdeed, misdemeanour, error, lapse, fall from grace; archaic -trespass - "a sin in the eyes of Yahuah" wickedness, wrongdoing, wrong, evil, evil-doing, sinfulness, ungodliness, unrighteousness, immorality, vice, transgression, crime, error, iniquity, irreligiousness, irreverence, profanity, blasphemy, impiety, impiousness, sacrilege, profanation, desecration - "the human capacity for sin"

commit a sin. "I sinned and brought shame down on us" synonyms: commit a sin, offend against Yahuah, commit an offence, transgress, do wrong, commit a crime, break the law, misbehave, go astray, stray from the straight and narrow, go wrong, fall from grace; archaict-trespass "I sinned and brought down shame on us"

By Christopher Hilton . . .