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Result of search for "blue":

2250 chabbuwrah khab-boo-raw' or chabburah {khab-boo-raw'}; or chaburah {khab-oo-raw'}; from 2266; properly, bound (with stripes), i.e. a weal (or black-and-blue mark itself):--blueness, bruise, hurt, stripe, wound.

8336 shesh shaysh or (for alliteration with 4897) shshiy {shesh-ee'}; for 7893; bleached stuff, i.e. white linen or (by analogy) marble:--X blue, fine ((twined)) linen, marble, silk.

8504 tkeleth tek-ay'-leth probably for 7827; the cerulean mussel, i.e. the color (violet) obtained there from or stuff dyed therewith:--blue.

What does the color blue represent in the Tabernacle?

Blue is the colour of the sky without clouds and so it is also known to be a symbol of what is heavenly. Blue is also the colour of nobility. We recognize those qualities in YAHUSHA. He came from heaven, He then returned there as a divine RUACH. What does the color blue mean biblically?

Blue is the third primary color. It spiritually signifies the Healing Power of YAHUAH. It is the most sublime subject and color which represents, biblically, the Word of Yahuah. ... The very fact that the Sky is blue stands for the presence of Yahuah. See below the cerulean mussel that was gathered to make the blue dye for the temple curtains and the priests garments. This was a most expensive and time consuming way to make the dye, but was most important to Yahuah, everything had purpose and discipline. All this activity was helping the Hebrews to take their minds off idolatry, which was Yahusha's plan to change their mindset towards true worship of Him.

When the cloud moved, the tabernacle was packed up to follow it, for the congregations protection and Yahuah's power in the camp. Every vessel in the Set-Apart place was to be covered in blue sheets, then other coverings. The levite priests were the only ones that could pack up the tabernacle and it's instruments. The veil into the most Set-Apart place was draped over the arc of the covenant. The arc went before the congregation of the Hebrews into the promised land, and opened the waters of the Jordan so they could cross.

The word "BLUE" in Hebrew points to the stripes and bruises Messiah suffered for us, The colour of the heavens reminds us always of His love and truth towards us. It also comes with a warning blue represents His word/instructions, if we wilfully go against or change these instructions we will be destroyed. Many have tried to enter the Set-Apart place and have failed, to touch the things of Yahuah with unclean hands brings destruction. Remember Yahuah has time on His side, He will wait and bring destruction to the disobedient and they will know it is because of their bad and disrespectful behaviour.