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What does the word "COLLAPSE" mean in Hebrew?

Result of search for "collapse": 1794 dakah daw-kaw' a primitive root (Compare 1790, 1792); to collapse (phys. or mentally):--break (sore), contrite, crouch. Contrite means: feeling or expressing remorse at the recognition that one has done wrong. Repentant, regretful, sorry, ashamed.

Romans14:11 "For it has been written, As I live, says Yahuah, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to Yahuah."

Dictionary collapse: (of a structure) suddenly fall down or give way. "the roof collapsed on top of me"

Similar: cave in give way crumple disintegrate

Theres a very good reason why Yahuah only opened the portal of Shamayim on the top of the mountain and extended it to its base. Any person or animal that went over the barrier would be snaffled up dead, like a mosquito being zapped!. See if you can guess the reason why this happened? They say the top of Mount Sinai is still black from the power of his presence.

All the way through the Turah which is the history of sin, when Yahusha opened a portal, it wasn't a huge area .Anything that came too close was destroyed. This is the reason why the Tabernacle was set up with many coverings on it so the power of His presence wouldn't destroy those camped around it. When Yahushas presence left the temple of Yerushalayim, what a glorious sight that was. The city was destroyed and the Yahudum scattered throughout the nations.

Incorrect/mixed worship brings destruction, therefore we won't have His presence for our protection and peace. Yahusha came and opened a portal that no-one can close. Following his instruction, we can have access to His presence through this portal, then Yahusha comes into us through the Ruach, shows us how to overcome the sin of this world and cleanses us. We have been washed in His blood and our sins are collapsed/destroyed. He gives us a new heart to want to follow Him.

When you take a cardboard box and throw it on a fire, it eats away the structure from the inside to the outer parts until it crumbles into ashes. This is what will happen to the people and the earth ," when the scroll of Shamayim/Eternity is opened into Time." This earth is full of sin. Every person left and everything that sin has touched will collapse at the appearance of His presence.Time is limited. There are many scriptures stating that the universe will melt, the sun will go black and the moon will turn red. All the islands, mountains and tectonic plates of this earth will be shifted and burnt.It will be a very different New Earth for Yisharal to experience. At the moment we are in the prophesied horrific birth pains era. There is much more devastation to come upon this earth setting the scene for His appearance.

The Bride will be protected during this time, because she has portal access.Time/sin will crumple up like the cardboard box on fire, as the purity of timelessness breaks through from Shamayim. This is why Yahusha only opens small portals so that man would not be devestated.


When the portal is completely opened, all sin is completely destroyed.