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Result of search for "righteousness": 3072 Yhovah tsidqenuw ye-ho-vaw' tsid-kay'-noo from 3068 and 6664 with pronominal suffix; YAHUAH (is) our right; Yahusha-Tsidkenu, a symbolical epithet of the Messiah and of Jerusalem:--the Master our righteousness.

6665 tsidqah tsid-kaw' (Aramaic) corresponding to 6666; beneficence:-- righteousness.

SCRIPTURE UNDERSTANDING:- Matthew 21:28-32. But what do you think ? A man had 2 sons, and he came to the 1st and said, "Son, go, work today in my vineyard. "And he answering, said, "I do not wish to," but AFTERWARDS HE REPENTED and went. And having come to the 2nd, he said similarly. And he answering, said, "I go, master," but he did not go. Which of the 2 did the will of the father ?" They said to Him, "The 1st." Yahusha said to them, "Truely, I say to you the tax collectors and whores are entering into the reign of Yahuah before you, for John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but tax collectors and whores believed him. and when you saw it, You did not "REPENT AFTERWARDS" to believe him.

When we see Yahusha doing something marvellous like opening the door of His reign, to sinners, and giving them light, as they enter. Their behavioural response of joy, happiness, dancing, loudness, thankfulness, is definitely something that is obvious and can't be suppressed, because it just has to be expressed.

This particular behaviour is not acceptable to the establishment and is not acceptable to the the way they express their self righteous, religious, behaviour. They stand apart

in judgement, creating a behavioural movement of what they consider is acceptable to express their belief. Which again is the opposite of how Yahusha wants to be expressed.

The religious self righteous ( not the actual righteous) can see this supernatural experience Yahusha is giving these wicked lowly sinners, that stand apart from their dynasties as unacceptable. They can see Yahusha is not blessing them, so they wrap themselves up in what they call self righteousness (not in what they should be wrapping themselves up in " REAL RIGHTEOUSNESS" ). Their real motivation towards this group of sinners is, jealousy and hatred, This is because they stand in the doorway not letting sinners enter, controlling the people saying they are not of their family dynasties i.e. low class.

These carpetbaggers know that Yahusha has said to them, "Not everyone who says to me, Master, Master, shall enter into my reign, but only he who is doing the desire of my father in heaven." (Matt 7:21.)

I have a friend who believes he is a believer and he sarcastically mocks by saying, "Oh can I join the elite sinners club," mocking those who have come from the filth box of this world. He is not even correcting His words or behaviour and has absolutely no remorse. The parable of the 2 sons is a great parable and the key is AFTERWARDS HE REPENTED.