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Sitting On His Throne


DON'T LIVE IN SHADOW BEHAVIOUR OF UNFULFILLED RELIGION. ................................................................................................

Messiah fulfilled every prophecy about Himself while He was here. He cancelled temple worship because he hates it, He revealed to his beloved that the blood of animals cannot cleanse our lawlessness. Messiah said to His Father "YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A BODY," This body was clean and had never sinned against the words of Yahuah. His body was anointed by the Ruach ha 'Q odesh, it was full of power and could do mighty and wonderful things with the elements, he killed every disease put before Him, and people were healed and made whole. He was just spectacularly amazing, standing before men who were insane with their religion (their own rules). They wanted to kill Him because His love overcame satan's mind control, and people were delivered, it was just incredible seeing Him work. Word about Yahusha's power and deliverance spread like wild fire, demons were cast out, and there were incredible healing's all this went global.

Messiah/Yahusha told us how he wants us to worship Him with obedience to His words, not with pomp and ceremony. He said your body is now the temple/tabernacle and just as He portaged Himself behind the veil, our flesh is portaled through our circumcised heart by the ruach, giving us access and guidance from our lover and Messiah Yahusha. Who offers us complete protection through our personal obedience, giving us power to overcome wickedness and evil.

The Jews took the pureness of Yahusha's body, flayed him to an unrecognisable state, strung Him on a stake and stabbed Him with a spear through His pure heart until He was dead. Three days later as prophecied Messiah rose from the dead, appeared before His loved ones to encourage them to worship Him through obedience, the same way He lived on earth. He told them he was going to prepare a mansion for them in shamayim. As He was drawn up into the clouds, He went through the portal of shamayim and sat on His throne where there is no temple in the New Yerushalayim. Yahusha was the last relative of Adam with a pure bloodline, this pure body and His blood was sprinkled in shamayim where He waits to fulfil His second coming. Satan was cast out and all his wicked angels who cannot stay in the presence of His pure clean shed blood. Our Master and lover is watching us as we overcome satan through obedience to Messiahs word.

How stupid and ignorant to want to start temple worship and sacrificing animals that cannot make you clean, only the blood of Yahusha can do this. Obviously these behaviours are cursed, for they are shadows of what Yahusha already fulfilled, this is religion at it's worst rejecting messiah as they did when He appeared. Instead they worship in the shadows with abominable behaviour.