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History is my favourite subject

I always want to know Why??? What??? and When???

Where did christianity come from???

The last Roman Emperor and the first Pope: Constantine took the hebrew tanak (old testament) and the ancient Roman Religion with it's all its pagan festivals and mixed them together. Throwing out names and truths from the tanak they didn’t want in their mixture mindset. When they finished their mixture they had a book of faith, which they called "the bible". They said if the people didn't believe it they would be killed. The Romans called their new religion "christianity."

Christianity is the largest cult in the world and has many breakaway sects, but they all still use the book of mixture to teach. The book of prophecy predicting the end of this world is called "the revelation." In chapter 17 it tells of this woman (the church) who rides a beast with seven heads (a system controlling all peoples on earth). This control comes from the golden cup of wine (false teachings) in the hand of the woman. She has the whole world drunk with the wine of her abominations. She is the false bride of messiah.

Since constantine about 300AD, the Romans have been trying to hide the real name of the Creator, which is "Yahuah". The Romans called him "god" in their book of mixture, but as “god” is a german sun deity, by calling him by another name they tried to put everyone off the track. The name yahuah is the Key of Knowledge and can open man to many wonderful things, that the cult does not want them to know.

The power of the beast system has everyone intoxicated in it's teaching which is their festivals which cut people off from knowing the true Saviour which is yahusha messiah. These festivals are christmas, easter, birthdays, valentines day, mothers and fathers day etc.

Our behaviour is worship and however we behave, that is our worship. Unknowingly most people are blindly worshiping pagan deities without their own knowledge. This behaviour brings curses on our familys and children. All these dreadful things that happen to us, is because of the woman on the beast.

This knowledge is the history of the false teachings from the woman. It is not a religious message but a historical one. You can see that nothing is asked of you to join a cult or anything. It is just historical information.

Did you know this ???