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The Two Women.

As Natsarim Believers we are going to have to be much smarter in these days and here is how to be it. All it takes is to make up your mind. See how well you go !!!

1. The bible is called the book of mixture.

“mixture” meaning the holy-spirit filled believers have taken the pagan philosophies and traditions from Rome, Greece, Medo-Persia and Babylon and have mixed them with the true Hebrew Scriptures in the modern hebrew text, not the paleo. Many names, places and doctrines have been changed and mixed with pagan traditions in the book they call “the bible”.

2. In the book of Revelation we find that there are two distinct WOMEN; one is the Bride of Messiah and the other is a False-Bride, set up to be the Bride of Messiah, here on earth. We all know that the true Bride of Messiah will manifest on the day of her rapture and not until then. The false bride is masquerading all over the earth today (and has been for centuries), claiming the beings of deceived mankind by having them drink from the wine (false teachings) in her cup of abominations,

rendering all mankind drunken (controlled).

3. To be engrafted into the vine and become part of the bride company we are anointed by the set-apart spirit through immersion. To become part of the false bride we are baptised into the false name of Lord Jesus Christ (or father-son and holy spirit) then we receive the spirit of the false bride - the holy spirit. There are two brides and two different spirits here. One will lead us to death and one to life. That is why messiah said, “come out of her my people.”

4. There are two books of instruction; one is the “bible” and the other is the “bynv” (the Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version. The bynv is written (translated) by a set-apart spirit-filled believer, and all the words that were changed in the mixture version, have been correctly put right and as close to the paleo hebrew as possible.

5. We can see there are two brides, two spirits and two books. Satan is always counterfeiting. As Natsarim, if we hear people talking “the mixture talk” we need to be wise in our handling of them, that is, any person who talks about “jesus, lord, god, christmas, birthdays, easter as well as Yahuah and Yahusha and mixes them all together. You had better realise they are living “the mixture” and are drunk on the wine of the great whore. They know all about the Feasts and Shabath and proclaim these. They have on their little hats (kipas) and grow long beards and like to be called father, pastor, priest or rabbi. They accept all these traditions which are "the mixture."

6. One thing that is most important is for Natsarim Believers to realise is that the mixture conversation, is "a behaviour".To give you an idea of the behaviour, it is like an Australian or an American tourist with a loud mouth. In other words their behaviour is unseemly and will even be so if they are shy. The mixture is a bad experience with unseemly behaviour. This is in contrast to the Fruit of the Spirit of Yahusha which is loving kindness.

Remember Brothers and Sisters we need to be clean without spot or wrinkle and accepting any of these false teachings will render you in the drunken state (varing degrees of insanity). The Set-Apart Spirit will lead us out of all confusion, despair and will heal our infirmities and bless us with His loving kindness. Now ask yourself "how well did you go" ??????

Rebellion against Turah is an Abomination . . .

Rebellion is a Behaviour and it is so important for us to be remembering that our behaviour is our worship. Look here at what rebellion means in the dictionary and the Hebrew from strong's:

Rebellious - adjective - showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention. "i became very rebellious and opted out"

Synonyms: defiant, disobedient, insubordinate, unruly, ungovernable, unmanageable, uncontrollable, turbulent, mutinous, wayward, obstreperous, recalcitrant, refractory, intractable, resistant, dissentient, disaffected, malcontent; more

Antonyms: conformist, compliant, engaged in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or leader. "the rebellious republics"

Synonyms: rebel, insurgent, mutinous, disorderly, lawless, out of control, mutinying, rebelling, rioting, riotous, revolutionary, seditious, subversive; more (of a thing) not easily controlled or kept in place. "he smoothed back a rebellious lock of hair" From strong's the hebrew means: bitter, turn away (morally), be refractory revolter / ing, slide back, stubborn, withdrew.

If we see these Behaviours manifesting around us or we are being blamed for this or that person's reason for walking away. It is the biggest bunch of rubbish and is coming straight from the pit of the unclean. The evil one is the accuser of the brothers constantly, stand tall, believe and keep going. Brothers and Sisters see all the adjectives above describing rebellious behaviour - don't be fooled. They will smile at your face but underneath rebellion is rebellion, don't try to talk it out, truly it isn't worth it. The best thing to do is smile your face and get away from that person as quick as you can.

If there is no repentance there is no love.

The Turah has been restored to us and we are rejoicing. Not since the time of the emissaries have the Scriptures been translated / transliterated by someone who is anointed by the Ruach ha'Qodesh (set apart spirit). Most translations have been a mixture of cultures, traditions and philosophies, by men anointed with a different spirit.

When the Jews returned from exile the written and spoken word became a mixture of a new language (modern babylonian). The rabbis added traditions and rules not of Turah to this new religion called the Jewish nation of Israel. Again we have the enemy creating another confusion with a mixture to the mindset of mankind

The last Roman Emperor Constantine turned himself into a Pope, he again messed with the Hebrew Scriptures by changing many things in their writings, forming his own book of faith and religion he called christianity & the bible. Once again adding confusion and mixture to the mindset of mankind.

Here we have two different religions using the Hebrew Scriptures but both belief systems are riddled with the pagan orgi'astic mindset which controls mankind.

Orgi'astic mindset: this is considered to be "the wine of abominations," in the cup, in the hand of the great whore of babylon. This wine is full of witchcraft and has mankind drunk and following blindly the beast system of festivals, which the woman sits on (or controls).

The orgi'astic influence is the enticement for mankind to surrender itself to the mother "goddess" idolatry.

Once mankind surrenders to her (the great whore) then he is trapped in misery. There is only one way to be delivered, cry out to Yahusha Messiah, for His blood is the only antidote to cleanse, deliver and wash away her spell of drunkenness from the orgi’astic mindset.

Read the refreshed Scriptures and gain understanding !! One of the brothers has been anointed with the Ruach ha'Qodesh to unravel these mixtures for us and present to us a pure word. He is the first man in the world to present the unraveled names of Alahim and the Messiah and has completed the Scriptures as close to the paleo language as possible.

The BYNV SCRIPTURES (Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version) will refresh your whole being. There are many people in the messianic system who want to destroy our brother, but the hand of Yahusha is on him.