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What is this freedom for us, which Scripture speaks of and why do we need it ?

This freedom Yahusha died and shed His blood for that we might attain it's qualities and live in a different state. That state is available to those who can see it, this so called freedom. What does it mean and how do you get it? Is it so different from the democracy we are living today? This is the question most ask.

Then they say to us "if it is anything to do with religion, I don't want to know, because they are all a bunch of hypocrites". THIS IS THE REPUTATION ALL BELIEVERS HAVE OUT THERE WITH THOSE OF THE WORLD.

When we look in the many Assemblies we see most are unsatisfied, they have not reached this liberty (freedom) Scripture announces. These UNSATISFIED are breeding their emotion and behaviours like a plague, discrediting the possibility to believe this state is attainable. This disillusionment can bring about all sorts of sin with fears and worries ending in sickness, disease and finally death.

So what is this illusionary `phoenix' (freedom) that appears and disappears on occasions, luring the onlooking believers to believe in it because they have been lifted by it's presence to actually see it?

The assemblies have many teachings about this `phoenix' which visits and draws them to take steps to find this state. We believe it has much to do with "OUR BEHAVIOUR" - let's look at what the dictionary says about freedom:

Freedom ˈfriːdəm/submit Noun 1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. "we do have some freedom of choice" Synonyms: right to, entitlement to; more Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. "he was a champion of irish freedom" Synonyms: independence, self-government, self-determination, self-legislation, self rule, home rule, sovereignty, autonomy, autarky, democracy; more The power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity. Synonyms: scope, latitude, leeway, margin, flexibility, facility, space, breathing space, room, elbow room; more 2. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. "the shark thrashed its way to freedom" Synonyms: liberty, liberation, release, emancipation, deliverance, delivery, discharge, non-confinement, extrication; more Antonyms: captivity The state of being unrestricted and able to move easily. "the shorts have a side split for freedom of movement" Unrestricted use of something. "the dog has the freedom of the house when we are out" 3. The state of not being subject to or affected by (something undesirable). "government policies to achieve freedom from want" Synonyms: exemption, immunity, dispensation, exception, exclusion, release, relief, reprieve, absolution, exoneration; more Antonyms: liability 4. British A special privilege or right of access, especially that of full citizenship of a city granted to a public figure as an honour. "he accepted the freedom of the city of glasgow" 5. Archaic Familiarity or openness in speech or behaviour. Synonyms: naturalness, openness, lack of reserve/inhibition, casualness, informality, lack of ceremony, spontaneity, ingenuousness more Origin Old english frēodōm (see free, -dom). Translate freedom to Use over time for: freedom

You will notice in number 2, the word "DELIVERANCE" amongst other explanatory words. Every child has grown up filling themselves with the world and its ways. THIS IS OUR DILEMMA BECAUSE WE ARE NOT FILLED WITH TURAH!!!. We need a reprogramming of our mindsets with the Turah otherwise we will die in our ignorance. This is why & what we need to be delivered from our worldly and religious mindsets which blocks us from the `phoenix' of freedom.

Scripture tells us in Acts 4:10-12 that there is NO OTHER NAME given under heaven which will give us DELIVERANCE! That name being Yahusha Mashiak of Natsarith. I like the word DELIVERANCE because it tells us the behaviour needed to adopt and achieve the `phoenix'. This Scripture is taken from the BYNV Scriptures. Obviously we need to research this name for ourselves and make up our own minds as to weather Yahusha is the `phoenix' or not.

I believe for myself after research that those immersed into Yahusha will receive the true Ruach ha 'Qodesh and become His Bride. My personal opinion is if I have not done this I am NOT of the Bride but an unwise virgin. Only those who do this will have the `phoenix'.

I no longer sit in a pew wishing but know my loving Master Halleluyah.. . .