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Experience Yahusha.


Yahusha created a family for the purpose of LOVE (a passionate, deep feeling expressed through behavior), FELLOWSHIP (togetherness), WORSHIP (adoration expressed through behavior) and MARRIAGE (intense relationship and commitment).... He scours the earth in search for those who will KNOW HIM (which is the essence of LIFE) and EXPERIENCE HIM just as the first man and woman did in the Garden; unashamed passion and transparent openness and loving union.

Yahusha's family was stolen from Him through the influence of ha'Shatan and his minions of fallen unclean beings (rogue spirits). The evil seed was sown, taking the emphasis away from the TREE of LIFE (living in the presence and Behaviour of Yahusha Himself) and putting the spotlight on the carnal hunger for power and knowledge (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). Ha'Shatan knew if he could split up this loving Union between Yahusha and Mankind (through the same tactics of pride he used himself) then the Tree of Life would have to be taken away from them, removing also the constant exposure to Yahusha's power and BEHAVIOUR rendering mankind doomed...

Unclean entities (since the garden) have been working very hard steering mankind away from EXPOSURE to Yahusha, to a quest for greater KNOWLEDGE (thinking this is the tree where the power comes from!) RELIGION is mankind's never-ending quest to find Yahusha and solve the problem about DEATH (an absence of His presence).... and ever since the dark ages (a time when Yahusha had removed His Menorah from mankind) there has been a gradual RESTORATION underway which will finds its fulfillment at the Great Wedding Feast after Yahusha's return.

The problem lies in mankind's quest to stay knowledgable in the knowledge of knowing Yahusha (say 3 times fast) and not EXPERIENCE Yahusha Himself. Two Trees - Two very different experiences. In today's Information Age it will not be mankind's LACK of knowledge that leads them to destruction - it will be an EXCESS of it and no RELATIONSHIP with Yahusha the giver of LIFE.

Ever since Martin Luther told the Catholic Church where they could stick their sacraments and authority over deliverance, there has been many seasons of RESTORATION, each stage offering another step towards EXPERIENCING Yahusha in truth and cleaning out the darkness and old mindsets (incorrect knowledge resulting in wrong worship/behavior).

YAHUSHA'S TRUE BRIDE WILL RIDE EVERY WAVE OF RESTORATION ALONG THE PATHWAY OF DELIVERANCE UNTIL THE END. A false bride will carry on in the old patterns of former seasons (as useful as they may have been) causing hindrance and distraction to those seeking to find and KNOW and EXPERIENCE Yahusha's true deliverance and LOVE.

DID YOU KNOW YAHUSHA'S LOVE AND DELIVERANCE IS SO INTENSE AND ALL-ENCOMPASSING THAT EXPOSURE TO IT WILL CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR? Or have you been told that by simply obeying some instructions (as important as our wedding vows are) and declaring a form of love in your mind and through your mouth hole - you will be granted deliverance?

Yahusha is ALIVE not just in the pages of His Turah but in the airwaves all around you. Are you experiencing Him? Why would any Bride want to honor and cherish her husband's desires if she doesn't feel His love and passion for her? Love is not simply some humble attitude of servitude and obedience. Obedience is important, and knowledge of truth is a pre-requisite for any kind of deliverance - but the DELIVERANCE ITSELF IS YAHUSHA: His love - Knowing His Behaviour - Loving as He does.

There is a whole generation coming behind us who have been raised with NO TEN COMMANDMENTS OR TURAH, void of morality, void of sanity, void of deliverance, crying out for love - not religion, not knowledge, not to be handed a book about Yahusha that will mean nothing to them in their drunken, intoxicated state: TO BE LOVED and to be told how to EXPERIENCE THE TREE of ALL LIFE. A love and power so great that constant exposure to Him mends all your hurts, washes away your sorrows, heals every disease and ailment and FORGIVES your wickedness, lawlessness and ignorance.

Why won't the teachers and leaders show REAL concern and love and lead people through this doorway of understanding so people may KNOW YAHUSHA instead of cluttering up the earth with a never ending supply of books to confuse and confound the simple folk back into submission and payment for their earthen wares of little value???

Obviously they don't know Yahusha like this either, in which case - what are they doing in a place of teaching authority speaking smooth words and tickling ear-holes?

There is a message: Repent for the reign of Yahusha is at hand. No one is going to repent of anything if they have not been chosen and have not experienced Yahusha. Not even our beloved brother Paul showed any kind of remorse or repentance until He met with Yahusha Himself!!!

Massive Religious Campaigns and Ministries are forming seeking our funds in an attempt to push TRUTH INTO THE WORLD - a truth the world is rejecting because of the BEHAVIOUR of the people carrying it!!! YOU WAKE UP AND REALISE IT'S A GIANT RIP-OFF AND WASTE OF TIME WHEN YOU EMBRACE HOW YAHUSHA IS NOW MOVING AND HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO MEET HIM . . .


Don't be told otherwise: FEELING IS EVERYTHING !!!

Yahusha is in every thought and feeling!! Your obedience will be rendered useless if not done from a transformed heart longing for your Master's FAVOUR . . .

If you feel drawn to Yahusha or feel led to search Him out due to a conversation you've had or something you've read then be drawn and be led. The greatest truth on the subject you will find is His own words so get a BYNV (Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version) from Lew White. It is the closest translation/transliteration to the original Hebrew inspired text you will find so don't go for any other substitutes.

If you are being CHOSEN the first step is to feel remorse, repenting of your lawlessness (living outside Yahusha's instructions) then Immersion is your next step and upon being fully immersed into the only saving Name of Yahusha (jury is out - that is His only Name - no more arguing - just get into order) His Ruach (His personality - His behaviour - His essence) will come into you and as you read His instructions you will start to FEEL different - you will FEEL a resetting of your conscience back to Yahusha's feelings about your Behaviour - YOU WILL FEEL THE AGONY OF YAHUSHA FLOGGING YOU to bring you to the place of correct Behaviour.

This is EXPERIENCING YAHUSHA and the more you expose yourself to His Turah and subject yourself to His LOVE your behavior will be transformed and this is how THE BRIDE is delivered year after year. Of course if you step out of Yahusha's training and discipline then you stop - His Love grows cold in you and you go crazy and some even die! Does this experience of LOVE sound different to the verbal, gushy, lukewarm fakery you've been told? Make no mistake, when a husband and wife get together there is a violent reaction - there is yelling and screaming and throwing things and so so so many games - this is the wicked state we come to our bridegroom in isn't it? Or are you a sweet and innocent Christian Natsarim who never gets flogged because you're such a goody goody (cough "liar")? Or do you not believe or want this UNDERSTANDING ABOUT YAHUSHA'S PROCESS?

Yahusha is no respecter of persons, He calls and chooses who HE calls and chooses and the Bride all over the globe is being FLOGGED into shape by HIS INTENSE LOVE. So if you are feeling His violent hand in such a powerful way REJOICE for "everyone I LOVE I chastise, rebuke, flog and bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness (behaviour)". You can be used by Yahusha in mighty ways but you still have to through this training no matter how much you bitch-scream about it! You could be the Queen of England, a Movie Star, Tele-Evangelist or a translator of Scripture - the process is the same for everyone and the BRIDE is going through all sorts of violent changes right now in the earth so that she will be READY in her love and her Behaviour to handle the END of DAYS.

If you encounter bad Behaviour in your day even among the BRIDE, here are two very practical little rules that are kind of like a summary of how to BEHAVE the TURAH in all situations so that you maintain your peace and Yahusha can continue to do His Work without your hindrance : 1. Let everyone have it (their opinions, attitudes, behaviours). 2. Take nothing personally that is said or done to you.

If you behave like this you will be behaving just like Yahusha did (and still does) and you will have an absolute ball in life realizing you are not in control of anything or anyone and that Yahusha in fact does EVERYTHING and if you wait on Him and watch and speak ONLY when directed by Him - SWEET VICTORY. And you will watch the hot coals burning through people's heads who try and resist this NEW SEASON Yahusha is moving in called THE BEHAVIOUR REVOLUTION...

Remember you owe no man anything but to LOVE HIM . . .

The outward sign of Yahusha ALIVE in His BRIDE is not their weird, alternate lifestyles, clothing or appearance but a SET-APART BEHAVIOUR & LOVE which is not a GIFT for a time but FRUIT which must be grown and pruned through pressure, EXPERIENCE and exposure to the tree of life: YAHUSHA HIMSELF . . .

Now get out of that dark room away from the computer and go get a REAL LIFE EXPERIENCING Yahusha . . .