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3 Words for Child Training.


Yahusha has now given "behaviour revolution" the 3 words!!!

The 3 words are for training your children how to be presentable to the Assembly, Society and for their personal respectability. If a child does not behave the 3 words publicly, straight away it puts them in a backward situation and this is something every parent should know. A parent who does not teach the 3 words puts themselves in the same category.

Not teaching a child the 3 words is unacceptable to Yahusha !! The 3 words are : 1. Excuse me. 2. Please. 3. Thank you.

The Father and Mother who loves their children will go out of their way to institute these 3 words into the mindset of their child.

HOW TO TEACH THE 3 WORDS: Have a personal talk with each child and tell them we are instituting 3 words into our family life so that everyone can have their requests heard. The parent says to the child "if I hold my finger up this means you must instantly be quiet and listen" (the forefinger will be a parents greatest teaching implement). The parent must teach that when a child approaches an adult and the adults are talking, they must stand and wait until they are acknowledged. When the parent says "yes Johnny", then the child says "EXCUSE ME PLEASE MUM OR DAD" and asks their question.

When a child is given something by an adult or anyone, they must always say ""THANKYOU"" to the giver and look them in the eyes while they are saying it.

If a child wants to do something they must always ask ""PLEASE may I do such and such,"" (not only to the parent, but to whoever they are communicating with, while they look them in the eyes).

If you want to stun your relatives, school teachers and the community in general, the 3 words are just the most wonderful witness of good manners and behaviour and your family will be respected because you have taken the time to please Yahusha.

Now we need to know about discipline also. If a child is rude to you and yells at you as the parent, then runs down the hall and slams the door (which is disgusting behaviour and disrespectful to an adult), then you need to walk down the hall, bring the child back by the ear and place them where they were originally, take your seat where you were, then call them over to you and explain why you are doing this. Your reason is so that everyone can have their requests heard and you want to stop the chaos of confusion and bad manners.

If the child insists in running back down the hall and slams the door again, you have to be just as insistent until they learn their lesson. But don't give up and you will have a well-behaved house hold.

If things get too excited just put your forefinger up and you will have order. If you don't teach this behaviour both parents and child will suffer their own ignorance during the rest of their life.