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Finding Yahusha.

Within a marriage there will always be some contention, and I have been in this predicament, competing with every turn and situation we have worked together in... therefore causing great frustration, heartache and stress. Recently, the stress has become more intense (Hebrews 12:6) and I have found myself angered beyond normal..and all the time my husband being kind, understanding and generally letting me have the responsibility of my actions. (you know what you put out comes back).

Going for the answer in the Scriptures, in Acts Ch 5:39 "..but if it is of Alahim, you are unable to overthrow it, lest you even be found to fight against Alahim."

Looking at that verse in context, I could see that I was actually fighting against Yahusha! Kefa (Peter) was preaching in the Temple to people, and brought before the religious leaders,who told him not to teach in this Name.. Peter, answered, he has to obey Alahim rather than men and continued speaking. This has been my problem, FEAR of what people think, say and do, then angry at my husband, because he puts Yahusha before anyone. He is favoured and given wisdom and peace in his being, that makes me jealous as hell. Why can't I have the same? what about all the good things that I do for him and

others! why doesn't Yahusha bless me with the amazing understandings and clarity of mind I hear him have, its just not fair.

Now, who am I complaining to? Yahusha. What a proud, arrogant nasty attitude I've had. I want to find that deep personal relationship with my creator, and not pretend any more that I have the same as anyone else, just because I live with them.

By Victoria Hilton . . .