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Big Impact.

Behaviour Revolution is the actual global first to speak out about how to behave the Turah. "You do realise, don't you? . . . No . . . for sure you understand, we can't behave like those brainwashed religious dudes who think they are going to save the world now can we!"

Have you forgotten how many dudes were on the Ark, also how many survived Sodom and Gomorra - Most of Yisharal who came out of Mitzraim were slaughtered. A very small remnant was left when Yahuah's Bride became an adulteress after Sholomo died. Yahusha Himself had only 12 Emissaries and every one of them denied Him before they received His Ruach. After the Emissaries had been slaughtered or died the whole movement of Yahusha went underground, which it actually is today. Yahusha comes forth from His dimension and reveals Himself to individuals he chooses. They are never the same from this experience and no one believes them. Obviously this is what He wants.

We can only be as effectively operational in so much as His will allows in our lives and associations. "HAVE YOU NOTICED THIS IN YOUR WALK?" Sometimes it is like walking underwater. Brothers and Sisters what I am actually saying is please don't think you are going to make a BIG IMPACT on this world! This is a stupid religious theory most have been brainwashed with. Yahusha says come out of this pathetic behaviour and give your Ruach deliverance and rest. Religion wants to have a great impact and it can only do this if you believe them. lotzaluv

By Chris Hilton . . .