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Turah teaches us of the many varied behaviours that happen around the doors in the Word: MATT 25 is talking about the reign of the shamayim. The foolish and the wise virgins had a door to contend with also. Verses 10-13 tell us, And while they went to buy,the bridegroom came,and those who were ready went in with Him to the wedding feast, AND THE DOOR WAS SHUT. And later when the other maidens also came, saying ,’Master, Master, open up for us!’ But He answering said, 'Truely, I say to you, I DO NOT KNOW YOU.’ Watch therefore because you do not know the yom nor the hour in which the son of Adam is coming". These unwise maidens never made it to the wedding feast, the doors in the Word show us the very strictness of the wanted behaviour needed to get us to the wedding feast. Surely in this Scripture Yahusha is only talking about the Bride Company, not the world or the religions of this world. The Bride Company is a completely different entity than a religion and are made up from those who have received the name of Yahusha, His Immersion and have been filled with the Ruach ha ‘Qodesh (the Set-Apart Spirit). The unwise maidens knocking on the door are those of the Bride Company who did not pass the test by enduring the discipline and floggings. REV 3:19 "AS MANY AS I LOVE I FLOG AND DISCIPLINE. SO BE ARDENT AND REPENT".

Unrepentance shows pride and will disqualify any applicant who enters the race to overcome the world. A different behaviour other than the fruits of righteousness, manifesting from a trained discipline of floggings by Father Yahuah Himself, will be obviously different in its responses, revealing uncleanness.

Another Scripture here reveals to us the behaviours of the religions of this world MATT 23:13 "Woe unto you scribes and prushim, Hypocrites! Because for you shut up the reign of the shamayim before men, for you do not go in, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in". Obviously all religions are unclean because of this behaviour. They say that there are many “doors" to salvation/G-d. The bride company knows THERE IS ONLY ONE NAME given to men whereby they can be delivered which is Yahusha Messiah, ('deliverance' being the better word than 'salvation'). We all need to be delivered from our unclean behaviour by the process of receiving the Ruach and being flogged into submission by bringing forth the fruits of righteousness in our behaviour. This behaviour qualifies us as part of the wise portion of the bridal company.

LUKE 11:9 Tells us that we have to ask, we have to seek and we have to knock, to go through the door to receive the Set-Apart spirit. This is a genuine behaviour needed to enter the reign of Yahusha which is required to be part of the Bride. Religion will not tell us this, they stand in the doorway to stop all who want to enter. Religion claims they are the authority in this world over all nations. This of course has nothing to do with Turah instruction and is a system developed by man to control his brothers. They have no real authority from Yahusha and are the synagogue of Ha Shatan. REVELATION 3:8 tells us that Yahusha has set before us an open door and no-one is able to shut it. It is up to us to read the Turah do the instructions above to receive power to "OVERCOME THIS WORLD.”

THE PROBLEM IS: THIS WORLD HAS SO MANY TEMPTATIONS, men and women have been seduced by icons i.e. people and things, making them unclean in their hearts and behaviour. Virtually every object is an icon today, every icon is a seduction and to own one of these icons there is a strict code of behaviour to be produced, of course defiling each individual. All icons today are controlled by unclean spirits that defile and murder their followers. Just watch a few biographies of famous people. A man can be standing looking out at life and easily see he is trapped in his own mindset, which is changing his behaviour to become more evil, this is making him depressed and heading towards his demise, explained to us in the Turah for denying our Maker.

We are told there is an open door for us which no one can close, it is a spiritual door which is not of this world, a place where we can meet our Maker and have a wonderful and divine relationship with Him. The door of belief (once we enter it through immersion), will wash us clean and make us acceptable to the Father. The world says there is no proof of Yahuah’s existence, but on the other side of the door you can prove that what the world says is totally wrong. Everything is layed out for us in the Turah how to overcome this world, it is our choice whether we choose to believe this world or the Turah truth. We are given the power of His spirit and Yahusha says "FEAR NOT FOR I HAVE OVERCOME THIS WORLD" and lets us know that with Him inside we too can defeat this enemy called the world. Once you see and taste this victory you will want to run the race and finish the trial to obtain your own crown.

Don’t let yourself stand back and observe this world otherwise you will be seduced into death and corruption. Believing in a spiritual life is the most manly behaviour a guy can choose. Fighting the good fight is full of excitement and we are told even in old age you can bear much fruit. Tell me can you believe what religion and this world tells you is giving you real life? It is a hard step to take to become a member of the Bride and completely let Yahusha take you out of the influences of this world. To believe you will meet Him in the sky then enter that amazing city which Yahusha brings forth from another dimension which comes back to a replenished earth from it’s destruction by fire and that we will live forever. ACTUALLY FOREVER AND EVER. Tell me Brothers and Sisters what does this world offer you apart from death and a non existence - which one do you really believe ?

By Chris Hilton . . .