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Yahusha Found Me.

I recently received a letter from my Aunty who I haven't spoken to for years. After hearing a sermon from her minister that week she was concerned that my apparent `jewish' beliefs and way of worship had caused me to be led astray. Here is my response to her: "Thank you for your kindness and concern which i felt through your letter, but please don't worry your heart over me anymore, because I am finally happy and settled. I began a search over twenty years ago for my Messiah as I knew all about Him from church but never really felt like I had met Him or knew Him, as the texts promised I could. This hunger and search has taken me through many many colourful and varied religious movements over the years, none of which I am affiliated with anymore but all of which were a vital step on my path of learning and growing. I treated my family very harshly in my youth as i didn't know how to handle the massive realisations I was experiencing and of course coming to terms with adulthood and responsibility in this world. Yes I have regrets for my behaviour, have made many amends and have learnt to forgive and keep moving forward no matter what the cost. I finally found Who I was looking for too (Yahusha found me!), but it wasn't until recent years, when I severed ties completely with all religious movements, after my whole world had fallen apart. Yahusha reached out and rescued me from myself, and from giving up on everything and everyone. My search had finally ended at the feet of my beautiful Deliverer Who now lives inside me, leading me and guiding me, reproving and disciplining me on a daily basis. It's not easy, infact some lessons are absolute agony, looking and facing what i do, say and think ( and you can't get away with anything with Yahusha :-) My journey and experiences with Scripture has shown me that true worship can only be understood in the context of correct behaviour, because that is what real worship is: how we live and behave - it's either clean and acceptable or it's not - and it's not complicated or confusing, it doesn't require a degree to teach it or to know it or to have Him in this capacity and it is to be done 24/7 365 - just like a real marriage in the natural. He wrote all 66 books of the Scriptures and most study their whole lives and follow the status quo and never find Him or have Him as their lover and bridegroom. He is very jealous and doesn't want us putting other preachers, teachers, pastors, rabbis etc infront or above Him, because as you correctly mentioned, He is the only high priest and He shares His esteem with no one. I do understand that we probably have many differences in how we interpret the Scriptures but that's ok, I don't push all that knowledge and doctrinal stuff anymore because this walk is a very personal journey between someone and their Creator and it has nothing to do with anyone else if a person feels drawn to a deeper intimacy or not. It's one thing to read the ink on the page and another thing to feel the Author pulsing through your veins, speaking to you and showing you what behaviours He does and does not like. It's very practical, personal and real. Everything He said it would be when He walked the earth. My behaviour was indeed bizarre over the years and I can only imagine what's been said, but I was on a quest and I wasn't stopping until I found Him, so yes, I travelled every christian denomination, jewish sect, messianic and natsarim movements, met and studied under lots of amazing and bizarre people who taught me their opinions and doctrines on everything, and through it all (mainly my own behaviour) I lost everything . . . but I gained so much more because I can finally say that I know who I am, Who my Master Yahusha is and what the meaning and purpose of life is, which is to overcome through His power, all uncleanliness and evil (behaviours) in order to be perfected and more like Him . . . so whenever you hear something said about hebrew roots or old testament jewish mindsets in your sermons, don't worry, that's not how I roll anymore :-D . . . it was just another step on a long journey out, untangling myself. I am about to be married soon to an amazing woman, Therase, who has not only dived into my life whole-heartedly with me but who loves my children as though they are her own (as i do hers). We've just had an amazing time the last month with a house of 10 and it was sad to fly them all home to Sydney last week. But as I tell my children (who never want to go back), you never know what's around the corner or what's going to happen on this adventure, only Yahusha does, He is in control of my life, not me - we don't have to fight any of our own battles because He goes before us in everything, protecting us and clearing a path - so now is the time to knuckle down, study hard and observe all the wonderful and crazy behaviours you come across, because one day you too will have a choice to make - how you want to treat people and the sort of person you will be . . . the message is going into them slowly but surely and they're all getting stronger. Thank you for sharing your sermon notes and for your love and concern my dear Aunty, but rest your heart - i'm finally ok and settled now :-) Lots of Love . . . MARK"