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Stop Interfering!

STOP INTERFERING !!! Each and every person (even children) walk around in a tiny bubble (or a sphere/vessel) filled with their own likes, dislikes, thoughts, moods and behaviours. They walk in and out of our businesses with it, up and down our halls, even the person sleeping next to you. And they are ALLOWED to exist in this sphere of self. Yahusha created everyone with the right to choose and even though most do not choose Him, they are still ALLOWED to be who they want to be inside their own little sphere called `self'. Big problems occur when ignorant (not knowing) people, or busy-bodies or just down-right obnoxious abusers think that THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO STEP INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S SPHERE AND INTERFERE WITH AN OPINION, MOOD, CONVERSATION OR ANYTHING HAPPENING .... WITHOUT BEING INVITED OR ASKED !! Religious people are taught that this is correct behaviour, helicopter parents applaud this behaviour and rude people .... well they just don't care! INTERFERE: 1. prevent (a process or activity) from continuing or being carried out properly. "a holiday job would interfere with his studies" synonyms: impede, obstruct, get in the way of, stand in the way of, hinder, be a hindrance to, inhibit, restrict, restrain, constrain, hamper, handicap, cramp, check, block, frustrate, thwart, baulk, hold back, hold up; (of a thing) strike against or impede (something) when working. "the rotors are widely separated and do not interfere with one another" handle or adjust (something) without permission, especially so as to cause damage. "he admitted interfering with a van" 2. intervene in a situation without invitation or necessity. "she tried not to interfere in her children's lives" synonyms: butt into, barge into, pry into, nose into, be nosy about, intrude into, intervene in, get involved in, intercede in, encroach on, impinge on, impose oneself on ... Can you see from the words above just how rude and inappropriate it is to interfere in other people’s lives. STEPPING INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S SPACE OR SPHERE AND INTERFERING (unless specifically led by the Ruach) ACTUALLY PREVENTS YAHUSHA FROM FINISHING THE WORK THAT HE'S DOING THAT DAY IN A PERSON. ( And if a person isn't even chosen or in the Bride, why would you be interferring with the unrepentant worldly zombies anyway........stupid!! ).... INTERFERING IS ENCROACHING ON THE EMANCIPATION OF OTHERS AND YAHUSHA HATES THIS BEHAVIOUR!! Even children need space to breathe, to learn, to grow, to muck around and make mistakes without us INTERFERING, jumping down their throats and bullying them into submission. They, (like everyone) only respond to loving, kind, soft, gentle behaviour that soothes their troubled minds and broken hearts from the ravaging war they've been through out there in life. ARE YOU ABLE TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH EVEN IF THE FACTS AND EVENTS BEING DISCUSSED ARE INCORRECT? ARE YOU ABLE TO KEEP YOUR NOSEY BEAK OUT OF A CONVERSATION YOU WEREN'T INVITED INTO? CAN YOU STOP TRYING TO WIN THE POINT IN EVERY CONVERSATION & TO MAKE THE OTHER PERSON MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOU? CAN YOU STOP OVER-TALKING, CORRECTING, INTERRUPTING AND BRINGING EVERY CONVERSATION AROUND TO YOUR PRECIOUS SELF? (I mean have you met anyone yet who's actually interested in your life-stories??) DO YOU LIKE HAVING A LOVELY FEELING INSIDE YOUR SPHERE (vessel) BECAUSE YOU WON'T HAVE ONE IF YOU ALWAYS INTERFERE AND FUSS OTHERS UP . . . IT'S BEST TO NOT WANT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE, TO BE THE GIVER IN EVERY RELATIONSHIP INSTEAD OF THE TAKER AND COMPLETELY TRUST YAHUSHA FOR YOUR LIFE - THEN YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN INTERFERING OR CATCHING THE PEOPLE OUT AROUND YOU (and how easy would it be really if you wanted too when you see how they all behave??) YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR APOLOGIES OR TRYING TO WAKE PEOPLE UP - You understand that Yahusha does everything and you rest in the wonderful "emancipating" knowledge of that !!

By Mark Davidson . . .