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Satan has an Army

Satan has an army, 1 third of the angels chose to go against the Turah, which is the instruction of Yahuah to live in His universe. They have been here since before the creation of men, they are called evil or unclean spirits & demons. Because man has rejected the Turah instruction of Yahuah, prophecy has revealed to us that the lies (MADNESS) of Satan has "infected," the whole human race to the point where it has to be destroyed again as in the time of Noak (Noah). Those who reject Yahusha as Messiah will never receive deliverance from Satanic madness & will be burnt up in the fires of judgement.

The word 'Delivered' explains the situation of man's condition much better than 'salvation' does. Man has to be delivered from the slavery of sin and evil. The word 'Salvation' does not give us this sense of urgency to get out of this situation. Religion has 'dumbed down' this urgency to get free, religious salvation is a mere formality and has lost it's punch through tradition.