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>>>Liberty from slavery, to be free, prosperity, liberal, opulent, bountiful, a noble, royalty, remnant, to halloo (for help, i.e. freedom from some trouble) to cry (aloud, out), to shout. To move rapidly with spontaneity of outflow, clear purity.


2 COR 3 “Where the Spirit of Yahuah is, there is freedom”.

JOHN 8 “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free, and if the

Son sets you free, then you are free indeed”.

GALATIANS 5 “Stand firm in your freedom, knowing that Yahusha has made us free, and don’t be held by the burden of slavery ever again. Yes I (Paul) am telling you that if you go and get circumcised then Yahusha will be useless to you. That’s right! If you’re going to be circumcised (a shadow-teaching fulfilled through Yahusha), you become a slave to the Torah again, having to go and do all the other ceremonial rituals given to Moses also (which could never deliver you anyway) and you’ve cut yourselves off from Yahusha, rejecting His freedom, in favor of being right through the cutting of your flesh. But those of us living in the Spirit are waiting excitedly for our coming righteousness, knowing that in Yahusha our belief makes us want to love others, so it makes no difference whether someone is fleshly circumcised or not. It means nothing now!

What’s up with ya’s? You knew all this and were running well, so who stopped you from obeying the truth? It wasn’t Yahusha that’s for sure. Just remember a little bit of leaven affects the whole lump, so be careful and don’t listen to any other opinions on this matter, especially from that circumcised lot who are always troubling you. But don’t worry, they’ll cop their judgment, no matter who they think they are! And as for the rumours that I still tell people to get circumcised, that’s absurd! Why would I still be hated and in so much trouble if I went back to the old way of circumcision, setting aside the stake, (which they constantly stumble over, having to face what Yahusha did). I swear, if only they’d just go and emasculate themselves! Go on, cut the whole thing off, not just the tip - put an end to all these stupid arguments!

Yes, we’ve all been called to freedom, but don’t use your freedom as an excuse to pleasure your flesh, but use it to serve one another in love. And as for the Torah, if you love your neighbour as you love yourself then you are behaving all of it completely! But if you bite and ravage each other like wild animals, watch out, because you’ll all be dead soon, and then where will your precious freedom be then?

I say walk in the Spirit, and you’ll give no place to your selfish desires and lusts of the flesh that fight against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh. They are completely opposed to each other, so that you don’t go around behaving however you want.

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are no longer a slave to the Torah (because you’ll already be doing the behaviour it was shadowing). People’s desires make them give in to their flesh and have immoral behaviour, filthy thoughts, and do shameful things, worshipping idols, practicing witchcraft, hating each other, and refuse to get along. They become jealous, angry, selfish, not only arguing and causing trouble, but they’re envious, they get drunk and substance-smashed, carrying on like whores at wild parties, doing all sorts of evil abominations as well. I told you this before, and I’m telling you again: No one who lives like this will share in the blessings of Yahuah’s kingdom.

For the fruit of His Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustworthiness, gentleness and self-control. And there is no Torah against any of these behaviours (so you’ll be blameless if you do them!) For those living in Yahusha have staked their flesh with all its passions and desires, killing them dead. So if we live in Yahusha’s Spirit, which has made us free, let us go on behaving as He says, not being selfish, or making others jealous by claiming to be better than them.

Paul tells us to hold onto our freedom and never to be a slave to the Torah again (the Instructions given to Moses). Now since Yahusha is the Living Word/Torah/Law in the flesh, Paul would never state that living Torah is slavery, but the consequences of disobeying those Divine Laws is indeed slavery, because (in the case of high-handed/intentional crimes) there was no offering/forgiveness in the Sacrificial System and a person was handed over the Judicial System called ‘the curse of the Torah/Law’ and executed, having their physical and spiritual existence severed from Yahuah. As we know Yahusha took the whole list of our crimes and offences (all sin/curses) onto Himself as He hung on the torture stake. He never changed the definition of sin or what good and evil is, but He did become the criminal, ‘the curse of the Torah’, and that’s why our crimes against His Eternal Torah are all forgiven by the power of His blood. Every single one of us should be executed for the severity of our abominable behaviour on this earth.

It’s easy to see when reading Paul’s words how far both Jewish and Christian camps have bastardised the context of these texts in order to claim superiority and retain their global following, ushering more and more into their bondage of slavery (one without Messiah and the other without His Covenant) - and neither one providing any freedom from ‘the curse’ and both used by the enemy to deceive millions.

We’ve been discussing Religion and it’s influences, origins and agendas and when we look at our own journeys ‘coming out from among them’ its easy to see that we don’t need to be set free from Yahusha’s legal system of right and wrong, but mankind’s demonically-led religious rules of checks and balances and complete seething hatred and defiance for the purity of Torah. A system providing no power to overcome flesh!!

Torah is a behaviour - it’s clean, pure, keeps our minds clear, unburdened, allowing us to communicate and express ourselves freely, to be able to enjoy the adventure, the not-knowingness of our day, able to hear Yahusha’s voice, feel His presence, listen and do, “moving rapidly with spontaneity of outflow” - and only when we give over to Yahusha completely will we truly feel like the Royal Bride (the opulent bounty of His remnant) that we are, and truly experience the freedom that He shed His precious blood to attain.